Shellac peeling ... what am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by wallpap, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. wallpap
    I have done just plain shellac and shellac over dashing diva, both look beatiful but my customers have said that they just peel off after a few days.
    What am i doing wrong?
  2. Karenlaw
    I have had this too...with dashing diva. I think the problem is I need to file the white smiles abit before I apply the next coat. As the smiles are slightly raised.

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  3. TweezerHappy
    I file the free edge of the white to smooth it out. I then use the pink DD buffer to remove shine from the white. The bump is still there but I find once I've applied Shellac over it's not so bad.

    I apply the DD before Shellac.
  4. mizzy_dizzy
    Im not sure do you mean it is peeling off BOTH with AND with out DD ?
    if so theres a few things you need to check,

    are you using the right light? with bulbs that arnt to old ?

    are you applying it to thick? are you shaking it?

    are your clients helping it off?

    and are you doing your P.E.P first ?
  5. MaisyMouse
    I too am doing all of the above and am finding they peel off (not using DD)
  6. ValencianNails
    Remember to apply Shellac in thin coats... thin to win as Geeg says :green:

    Are you sure you're applying it thin enough?
  7. MaisyMouse
    I think so, i have been practising over and over and its as thin as i can get it!:confused:
  8. mizzy_dizzy
    Then maybe your clients are "testing it" is there any signs of nail damage? I pulled one off my thumb one (never again) it took a good layer with it!

    So when you scrub fresh or go over with some D-solve can you see damage? X
  9. MaisyMouse
    I think its just with the french, I am finding it hard to get the two coats of white thin enough and still cover. the colours have been lasting, better:eek:
  10. spoilt
    i also found this so . i ordered gelish base and top coats and its fantastic xx:)
  11. ValencianNails
    I find one coat of white is enough when doing Shellac French, it's very even in application and I've not had reason to apply more than one coat (yet!). The finish is perfect and the shine from the top coat is unsurpassed, regardless of the negativity of other 'users' :wink2:
  12. wg19
    What an odd thing to say!

    Not read a negative post on this thread?

    Anyroadup! Are you sure you are capping the free edge on all coats?
  13. ValencianNails
    If you read posts by one particular 'user' on more than this thread then you would see nothing but negativity, and to be quite honest there's no need for it, hence my reply.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one on the site that's totally fed up with the X is better than Y, or Y is better than X scenarios... 'nuff said!

    Hoping we can move on :wink2:
  14. Nailsinlondon1
    Hi hun,

    Spoilt, maybe you used it without using the right lamp then??????
    The original question was "what am I doing wrong?"

    OK back to the question, pep..... perform manicure, eliminate surface contaminants and perform service....
    make sure that the nail plate is free of any non living tissue, use Scrubfresh to dehydrate the nail plate and apply a very thin coat of base coat. Make sure you also take all your Shellac applications over the free edge. This will ensure perfect wear-ability.
    Holly aka FingerNailFixer has made a fab turorial about this!/video/video.php?v=1364314660159

    Hope this helps a tad xxx
  15. taylordnails
    You should not get the nail too smooth. Shellac is made to go on a natural nail with no buffing. Hope that helps.
  16. geeg
    We do more French Shellac than any one colour ... and only on natural nails ... peeling is not a problem any have mentioned that I am aware. They come back and back for more. Shellac and Minx are two of our most asked for services by NAME.

    Isn't it strange that some CAN and some Can't? Now is that down to the user or the client or Shellac?? I think the answer is clear.

    As for the negative poster .. every time she can get the boot in she does. :green: I might understand if she was a child as this behaviour is so childish but a grown woman?? Thousands upon thousands of technicians are proving her wrong on every count every day in the salon so it really does look just silly and vindictive. It's called throwing your toys out of the pram.:green: Look at all the posts and judge for yourself.
  17. wg19
    I hope you can find the answer as to why you are having this problem, read the posts that offer advice & tick them off, if you can say hand on heart you are doing everything correctly then maybe look again into the possibility that the clients are "helping" them to peel! Or perhaps you have been very unlucky to come across the rare clients that this product does not suit, ones that can't seem to even keep basic polish on their nails. Try not to beat yourself up about this but maybe analyse your application again & don't give up. Hth!
  18. Carole.B
    On my daughters nails Shellac peels off (with a little help from her I'm sure), all clients are not suited to everything.

    I have dashing divas on my nails at the moment, one hand with Shellac and one hand with Gelish and have to say both are still looking great after seven days, even though I climbed up the side of a waterfall the other day lol.
  19. MaisyMouse
    Guessing its me thats negative and you are having a dig at but if you read my posts I have never blamed the product only MY application. was just looking for help.
  20. ValencianNails
    No hunny, not you :hug:

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