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  1. Planky1
    Last week, I had a client in who wanted a really fabulous looking Shellac Mani for a very posh wedding and knew she wanted it neutral with a glitter fade of some sort, so after much deliberation and dismissing my fabulous suggestions, decided she'd like the colour that is number 41 on the Shellac colour Sample thingymebob (sorry, brain won't function this morning to know it's proper name!).

    In my Shellac training, I was taught that whenever you do a layering combination, you always do 2 coats of the first colour, then one thin coat of the layering colour.

    So the 2 colours were purple purple and moonlight and Roses. The colour on the chart is a really husky pinky looking colour, quite neutral, would go with everything and she was going to be wearing a red dress so felt this would be a perfect colour.

    She looked very concerned as I put the purple purple on (I too wondered how it would finish looking so pink with that as the base) but I re-assured her that it says those are the colours on the chart to use and all would change once I put M&R over the top.

    Well it didn't. It came out so purple still and would have looked awful and clashy with a bright red dress. So I put another coat of M&R on, to see if it would make it pinker. Nope, still more purple. So we then tried to salvage it (I had wiped off the 2nd layer of M&R as it hadn't been cured) and played around putting others colours over the top to see if we could get it more neutral or could get it a nice red to match her dress. It was a nightmare, took ages and resulted in me having to remove the whole lot and starting over again because nothing was looking good.

    She went with my original suggestion and adored them, so thank lordy for that but it was stressful and took so much time and I could have done without it. Just thankful she was my only client that evening.

    Have any of you done number 41 and if so, did you do just 1 of purple purple and then 2 of M&R? I haven't got any colour pops at the moment to play and experiment but like I say, I was always taught that it's 2 coats of first colour and 1 of the layering, so felt a bit peeved that I had wasted time and products having to remove it all and re-do.

    I haven't done every layering combo there is, so sometimes, just like my clients, we are basing decisions on the colours the chart shows. How am I supposed to know if I do one or 2 coats of a colour as the base when the usual rule of thumb is 2 coats? It clearly wasn't in this case!
    I know the colours aren't EXACT on the chart but this wasn't even anywhere near the colour on the chart! :grr:
  2. shortshadylady Unqualified
    Have to agree! I did my own colour pop of purple purple with M&R. I bought the colour chart on Monday and was amazed at the difference. I even think that the plain purple purple looks completely different on the chart xx
  3. busybee32
    I found the same with the additional "mixed colours" as instead of being layered which we are taught and teach to do these colours have actually been mixed together which gives a false impression of the true colours.
    I just end up doing 1 even coat of each, and they look similar to the "layered" colours.
    jen xxx
  4. Lolly22
    I've not tried this one either planky but I would have done one coat purple purple. Just make sure it's even and the coverage isn't too bad with that one and because moonlight and roses isnt so sheer it would cover fine. That might have turned out more like the chart but I'm unsure, as I say I havent tried that one.
  5. angelcmn
    Where do you purchase one of these colour charts from? X
  6. Planky1
    It is so frustrating!!!! I know from the Navy Blue on the chart that they are not true to the colour it actually comes out like and I always warn my clients that the colour will look a little bit different as it's also on plastic, so won't be exactly like that but this wasn't anything like that!

    I was so peed off, as was she, as her hour and a half appointment turned into 3! Had to go in and tell my husband I was going to be a lot longer as he had started running me a bath and getting the dinner on and my client had the same, her husband had got their dinner on the go, so we both ended up not eating that night :irked:

    And I only charged her another £5 on top as it wasn't her fault but wasn't mine either, so felt I couldn't say well you're going to have to pay me another £10/15 when that was the colour she chose and should have been somewhere near the colour she got! That's really naughty that they've been mixed! So Jen, I'd get near that colour by just using one of each?
  7. Planky1
    It comes with one of the Shellac Racks you can purchase from S2 :hug:
  8. Planky1
    Yes, in hindsight now maybe one coat would be all you need but my point and main question is we are taught to do 2 of the base colour, so until it goes wrong, how would you know to do only one coat on some of them? Purple Purple is quite Sheer as are the layering colours but on the chart it looks quite dense, pearlescent but still full coverage, so common sense would tell you, you would need to do 2 coats of one or the other and having been taught you do 2 of the base, that's what most of us would tend to do.
  9. Rhimisty
    I remember seeing one of the colour charts in my shellac styles course. Ad thought then "hmmm these don't look exactly like the finished result" so that's why I never brought one. I have my own colours an designs on a practice wheel and get my clients to choose from that.
    How fristrating for you thou! And wasting all that product!! :( xx
  10. lucielu
    I've found lots of the colours on the sample card are not a true representation. I use it as a guide but have done my own on colour wheels and tend to use them more.

    Colour 41 is a nice colour but comes out nothing like the sample!
  11. lucielu
  12. Redduck
    I use the colour chart as a guide as it's easy to handle and then when they've chosen I show them my colour pop of the same colour as it can be different. I find if I give them the colour pops first then it takes them much longer to decide so that's why I use both.

    (hope you're still loving your new room Planky) x
  13. Andrea85
    I don't have thses watches, but that would really frustrate me if I had done that. What a waste of time and product. I think in future the best thing to do is to just use your own swatches, that way you know you'll be getting the exact colour. I know it's a lot more time and product, but better to do that on one colour pop than a whole set of fingers again!

    What a nightmare. At least she was happy with the end result :D
  14. Planky1
    It's just annoying, I know they can't get the colours exact but to mix them so they are completely different isn't on. I like the sample chart because it looks so professional and it sits up on top of my lamp, so clients have a look and plan their next appointment there and then whilst one hand is curing and I'm working on the other :D
    So I like it, just wish those layered colours were a bit less misleading! :sad: Oh and quite why they have left blank ones at the bottom for us to sample our own on is a bit bizarre too because it doesn't fit in the lamp to be able to cure it!! :rolleyes:

    (and yes, still loving it redduck, don't think I'll ever not :wink2: )
  15. Rinn
    maybe the blanks are for new colours and the example is a little sticker you put in the blank colour pops.
    i only ever do one coat of each as well btw.
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  16. waffle4
    This episode is why I get cheesed off with the whole layering malarkey. Would be better if they just bought out new shades IMO
  17. ReVivebeauty
    I feel your pain !! :sad: I've given up using the CND colour chart as a colour representation for the very same reason. Even with one layer of the base colour No. 41 looks nothing like the sample. As you say Planky its so frustrating when the client makes a decision based on the chart and the colour representation leaves a lot to be desired. My chart no longer sees light of day I just use colour pops that I've prepared myself.
  18. Lolly22
    Yeah I understand what you mean. But I've just realised over the months that one coat can sometimes be fine and it looks a bit lighter than two coats of the base so it can be a bit more natural looking.

    But obviously they are turning out totally different than the swatches. And good shout about the thing not being able to fit in the lamp. I thought it did! Didn't try it though.
  19. Dream Nails
    I've tried this colour a few time. One coat purple purple or two coats and I agree it's nothing like the sample. It's just too purple.
    Glad it's not just me :)
    Vicki x
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  20. sarahlou06
    Planky I know what you mean!

    I thought it was just me, I was doing a client nails for a wedding and luckily this was on her toes not hands!
    I generally just use this as a guide, and show my ladies the actual colour in the bottle.

    Although 'the swatch ' looks ever so pretty :)

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