Solar comedones

Discussion in 'Skin' started by bexi, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. bexi
    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering what you guys and girls do about solar comedones?!

    I usually extract them and just advise my client what they are, but just wondering if anyone else has any tips?!

    Thanks in advance,

    Becki xxx
  2. BABSann
    solar comedones can be very persistant,they are found in the elderly and middle aged and are also known as senile comedones,they can be extracted as per norm but they can also have a cream applied via prescription called Retinoid.

    Clients must be advised to stay out of the sun,wear a hat and apply a good sun cream.HTH:green:
  3. bexi
    I have two clients with them in their 40's so I guess there not just in the elderly?

    So what does the retinoid do!?

    Becki xxx
  4. BABSann
    Solar comedones tend to be found in the elderly and middle aged.

    Here is a link for you on Retinoid,have a look,this is what clients I have, that have solar comedones have been prescribed.I am not a doctor so cant say exactly what the cream does,merely trying to give you advice as you asked:confused:

    Retinoid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia HTH
  5. Sassy Hassy
    Funnily enough I sent an email to my beauty educator as I was geting so many requests for extraction facials that I wondered if there was anything I coudld do, other than changing the name of the town where I live to Comedone City! Here is her reply ...

    "Solar comedones can be seen on the cheeks and are usually very deep rooted and smelly! An unpleasant job to extract. I would put her on a treatment plan fortnighty to clear these up and look at what make-up she is using, if any as this can make the condition worse. You could get her on to regular exfoliation and cleansing of course but extraction is going to be the most successful in the short term. "

    What I am saying to clients is that an hour's treatment is not going to clear possibly years of build up and that it is going to take time, a course of treatments and use of my recommended retail products at home ... but the results wil be so worth it.

  6. bexi
    "merely trying to give you advice as you asked:confused:" - it is much appriciated!!!

    Sassy thank you that was interesting,I havent experienced the smell!? thank god!!! They both come in every 4-6 weeks so hopefully that should be ok? I was under the impression that they would never go!?

    Both clients are now using dermalogica although one is very forgetful and never exfoliates despite a) having the product and b) loving how her skin looks when she does!!!

    Thanks both for your help xxx
  7. Sassy Hassy
    I use Nimue with these clients. What Nimue advise is for a course of 6 x fortnightly facials to give the skin a really good kick start. Then switch to maintenance facialsof every 4-6 weeks. Personally I would say that what they are having is not enough ... and they have to be rigorous with their home care of course. After all we are beauticians not magicians :wink2:
  8. Chameleon
    Clients have to commit to a course of treatments,wether it be 1 a week for 5 or 6 weeks,or spread over a period of time as Sassy said.Combined with the retail,the results are ten fold.

    Some clients do expect miracles after 1 treatment.But if they are serious,its just the same as going to the doctors or dentist.Then the client...well somw think nothing of having a course of treatments combined with medication.

    Well,its the same for therapists,and we should be taken seriously.

    I have had some clients and asked thier permission to take photographs beefore,during the course,and after to demonstrate to clients the power of hands on traetments,with highly effective ingredients to help solve the problems,like these youve experienced Becki.

    You already use a highly respected,well known and results driven brand.Utlise these products effectively,and get home to the client the importance of them working together with you the therapist of achieving thet result they desire.

    Good luck becki,and keep us informed:):hug:
  9. oey
    YOu know - as as trained beautician you would have thought i knew exactly what you were on about, but I am ashamed to say I had to google exactly what you meant by "solar" comedone, cause it isnt a form of comedone I have heard before.

    so - does a solar comedone come by a normal comedone not being treated and left or do they appear overnight as solar comedone?

    Does anybody have a picture of these? Tried ot find one on google but not had much success. They werent even mentioned in my old college bible.
  10. pure
    Staff Member
    Me too-lol!!! :rolleyes:
  11. xbubblesx
    Hi there,

    I had a look into this because I never knew what they were and my grandma has got them.

    I found a couple of pictures for you.:)

    Solar comedones. DermNet NZ
  12. nailzandbeauty
    And me x
  13. Sassy Hassy
    I hadn't heard of them either til my tutor told me! The clients I am getting in the salon have like the third picture!
  14. bexi
    I didnt know about them until I asked on my Dermalogica training course.
    I have never seen them as bad as the link just one of too.

    They are a little scary once extracted its like a big hole!!! Once I got a clay mask stuck in one and had to re-extract!!! Oh lord I sound like a nightmare.

    I feel that these days this should be somthing almost basic in college training as they are so common and obviously caused by the sun and its awful if a client says whats this and you dont know!!!

    This is what I love about this site, we've all learnt something!!!

    Becki xxx

    ps. I'll let you know how I get on, one of my clients came in yday and it hadnt refilled form 4 weeks ago - good sign I hope?!
  15. pure
    Staff Member
    So what happens when you have extracted them and there is such a large whole left?

    btw the white bumps in the second picute - I met a woman the other day who had these all over her face and arms. I had no idea this is what is was. I assumed she had some sort of medical condition!
  16. bexi
    well thats it pure there's a hole left!!! hehe!! at least its not full of nasty black stuff any more...
  17. BABSann
    Quite often the hole will always remain,because the pore has been stretched it's hard for it to go back to normal.:eek:Sometimes it will but not always.
  18. bexi
    another reason to not go out in sun anyway...:eek:
  19. tinkywinky
    never ever heard of a solar comedone! having looked at the third picture along, blown up, I know feel extremely nauseous, don't know why just never seen anything so bad I suppose it's because it is a close up. Never really had clients with these,but at least we are being educated for the future!!

    Good thread!
  20. bexi
    lol, no its really satisfying, i think so anyway, but i havent had one that smells - i dont thank that would be so satisfying?!

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