Sorry to sound thick, but what is resin activator spray??

Discussion in 'Nail' started by MissLB, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. MissLB
    as the post suggests im sorry to be a bit dim i do acrylic nails and just been to pick some tips up from a new supplier and hes given me a
    resin activator spray sample, i thought this was for silk or fibreglass nails? he knows i only do acrylic but hes given me some anyway could someone just confirm what this is for and if i could use it at all without doing silks etc. thanks
  2. Chickafish
    yea, the resin activator is for wraps, but I've heard of people using it to hold rhinestones in place on nails as well
  3. MissLB
    i did think that was the case, wondered ehy hed given it me but ill bear in mind for the rhinestones altho id imagine it would be messy with it being a spray? haha
  4. Chickafish
    I've personally never used it for that lol. But my activator spray absorbs pretty quick. 2 quick mists and the resin is dried... crazy science :lol:
  5. Princess Layla
    Hi missLB how's the courses going? I use the fibreglass resin & activator for my crystal manis & pedis, works a dream, so hang onto it!xx
  6. JemmaB
    How would you able the crystals with it? Out a little resin on at a time, glue the crystals on then spray after?

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  7. Princess Layla
    I apply the resin in a small are apply the crystals then move on to the next area etc etc, once all in place dab a little moor resin inbetween the crystals for added strength then spray the activator., :)
  8. MissLB
    hi layla, very good thanks i did my gelish training saturday just gone and i passed my acrylic assessment last monday!! how r u hun? ill keep hold of it still baffled as to why it is in spray form for me. guessing i need to find a brush to apply it? z
  9. SamIam
    It is inadviseable to use a spray on activator by brushing it on. You could get a serious heat reaction. It is designed to be sprayed on for a reason. Too much resin or activator can cause a heat reaction, to the point it could be severe and last for hours. There are brush on resin activators, so if that is how you want to use it, then get the correct product.

    Spray on is typically used for wraps or dip systems, but you may find it helpful with other things.
  10. Princess Layla
    Well done Hun you flying through the courses it's like a virus that gets hold of you isn't it!! It sounds like they've only given you half of the products needed - you need the resin which comes in like a nail varnish bottle with a brush or a larger bottle with a nozzle, this is the glue bit so to speak, the spray is the activator to harden the resin, which make was it! Next time your at your nail class ask your tutor about it she will be able to explain better lol! X
  11. MissLB
    LOL!!! im a goon!! i was thinking it could b messy trying to spray it as u'd get it all over the skin!! thing is the supplier asked if i need resin activiator and i said never used it as i only do acrylics he said ill chuck some in for u! i'll forgive him as there a lovely cranberry scented cuticle oil in there!

    I know so addicted to the courses!! im booked in for my kooky wraps training on the 20th of this month, although that will be it for the time being as i go to tenerife end of march. I was naughty on my gelish course i bought the 18g lamp, told my partner we got a discount on it so it was too good to miss!! LMAO woops!! Im on the last bit of my acrylic course now doing all the nail art, 3d art and design with all the fab nail harmony coloured acrylic collections thats more money im going to be spending as i want all 4 collections!!
  12. Pinkprincess73
    Lol at you & the 18g discount! The fusion colours! omg! you'll love them. buy the prisms first xx
  13. MissLB
    sharon, had to tell him it was on discount they know no different, if id av told him i paid full price he'd av gone mental!! doesnt see it as an investment if it was up to him he'd probably have me trying to do gelish with a hairdryer instead of a proper lamp!! lol no he's not that bad.

    I already have the prisms collection, i bought that a while ago and love it, i've gone for the elements collection was thinking 2 birds one stone!! if i add a bit of white to which ever colour i have basically got the melodies collection for 3d art for the time being but i want the riches collection!!

    Tell ya upstairs for thinking downstairs for dancing!! haha :p
  14. Pinkprincess73
    Lol your learning, but my hubby is wise to all those tricks now, ie" it was the last one in the shop & it was half price" ha xx

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