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  1. michellhendersn
    Anyone know what the procedure is? and/or costs?

  2. Curly Bamboo
    You call the Licensing Dept and get them to email you a form. It is also on the westminster website somewhere but it is not easy to find.

    You fill it out the form and send 2 passport photos (make sure you do not forget to print name and on the back) and copies of your qualification certificates.

    Do not tick treatments that your certificates do not cover, as this will delay your application immensely.

    If your qualifications are not from the UK then you need to make sure they are compatible. Best you ask the licensing officer over the phone first before you send your application. Most qualification from the commonwealth counties to my knowledge have been fine. From my experience, qualifications from most EU counties and India need to be check for compatibility. To do this you contact NARIC and pay a fee of about £45 (online application). This also takes a ridiculous amount of time.

    Therapist License is free.

    PLEASE post by registered post because they are notorious for losing applications.

    Within a couple weeks you should receive a letter confirming they have received your application. Take note of reference number.

    If you are lucky you should receive you therapist license badge in 8 weeks.

    Anymore question? i know the process back to front, had many years of experience helping therapists obtaining their license :)
  3. Ms Enchantment
    I dont have a licience didnt know I needed one please explain more now I feel silly.
    Thank god I know about this web site.
    thank you:rolleyes:
  4. michellhendersn

    wow! thanks so much for the reply - do you need to have it before you start working? or do they allow you to work without it - whilst they process? just not sure how strick they are!

    Also, so you know about the one for whole salon? is that one also free?
  5. Curly Bamboo
    You are suppose to have it before you work but realistically this does not happen. If you ask the Licensing Dept they are vague at giving you a straight answer because of their ridiculous (IMO very unreasonable) processing time.

    Any therapist working in the Westminster borough must have a therapist license. If you are a salon you need a special treatment license for your premises. The cost of the premises license varies and is dependent on what treatments you offer. For example, if you are treating male clients, whether you or not you are doing neck/shoulder massage or full body massage.

    I personally find the pricing structure for the license to be discriminating towards men. The additional fee to offer full body massage to men is quite substantial. However, there is a loophole, if you belong to a certain professional body then you maybe exempt and can do full body massage on a man without paying the extra license fee. The Licensing Dept will have a list of exemptions to give - it changes every year.
  6. Mila777
    Great to hear from professionals like Curly Bamboo.
    I am also new to this and do not know much about all the licences that you must have.
    I have a question and think that answer will be useful for many users on this forum.
    I am nail technician and plan to work in Westminster area but not clear what licences I must have if I want to open nail salon. Does it differ if I have salon at home or rent premises? What kind of licence I need if I am mobile?

    Thank you very much
  7. Curly Bamboo
    I think Nail Technicans also have to obtain the same license as beauty therapists.

    I don't think mobile therapists have to be registered with the council.

    Not sure about licenses for home salons.

    Here is info on the Special Treatment license and Therapist.

    Westminster City Council - What we currently licence

    Special Treatment

    These are premises that provide a wide variety of treatments, the main ones being sauna, massage and sun beds. Special treatments also include all beauty treatments provided by salons i.e. leg waxing, manicure, and pedicure, facials, eyelash tinting, electrolysis etc. Besides the premises for special treatment having to be licensed, the therapist who provides the treatment also has to be registered with the council.

    A therapist will be working in a recognised Special Treatment establishment. Therapists will be requested to produce various certificates, proving they are qualified to carry out certain treatments. Without the registration, a Special Treatment establishment should not employ that person.
    Application forms and further information

    Should you require an application form or further information please contact the licensing service in Westminster by telephoning or writing to: Tel: 020 7641 7822 or 020 7641 8549


    Licensing Service
    Westminster City Council
    Westminster City Hall
    64 Victoria Street
    SW1E 6QP
  8. Mila777
    Thank you very much Curly Bamboo
  9. viv
    just wonderin is this a liscence for therapists or owners? im an irish therapist and wondering if id need one when comin to work in the uk?:?:

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