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Discussion in 'Nail' started by wendywoo, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. wendywoo
    Good evening fellow geeks. Just surfing the net for nail art designs and stumbled across this site. It's all in french, so I apologise for that but I think it's all fairly descriptive.
    It looks like fun. Although I'm not sure I'd get many requests. I'd definately do it on myself.
    Have a look see what you think.
    Wendywoo x
    Splatter nails / Ou la manucure la plus relou de ma vie ! ^^ | PSHIIIT
  2. shiv5953
    I LOVE this idea! Definately looks straight forward, just need to make sure all the hand & surrounding skin is covered.
    Will definately be trying this on myself and my mum (ive said ill do her nails for free as long as i can practice what i want on her!)
    :D thanks for sharing
  3. wendywoo
    Ha ha thank goodness for mums I say. Surrounding area covered as well. Lol. If you do do it make sure you put up a pic. xx
  4. shiv5953
    I will definately, just had a thought...have you seen the plastic bag marbling on youtube? Maybe this could be done in the same way?
    Ill give it a go in the next few days and get a pic up :)
  5. wendywoo
    Not looked at it no. I shall take myself off there now. Just spent the last hour watching Greg Salo from Youngs nails on Youtube. Brilliant!!! xx
  6. MeToYouNails
    So much mess but I think that would be out weighed by soooo much fun!
  7. Klassy Klaws
    Its a good result and a lovely effect but I would be reluctant to waste so much product.
  8. wendywoo
    Totally agree. Not something I'd be doing with me Shellac! :0/
    Could try flicking acrylic paints in between the base and top coat of shellac. Remember at school you would use your thumb and rub it over an old tooth brush with paint on to create a spray.
    Nothing like a experimenting. I don't do minx but I bet they must do a design like that. :0)
  9. Pinkbunny28
    Think that's a great idea. Then you can use most of the splatters.
    I'm not sure how much I like it though...maybe I don't like the colours lol x
  10. McKendrick22
    Think i'll stick to my konad lol
    Vicki :) xx

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  11. Jojo@salongeek
    Oh I love it & love the colours!! Fun fun fun, I will be having a go at thz, also came across the carrier bag method & water nail art??? Anyone tried it? What would you use to cover the surrounding area for the nail?
  12. K-Nails
    I was thinking what about rubber gloves then cut holes out of the fingers. Not actually cut the top off but makes sort of mini balaclavas iygwim! Lol xx
  13. Jojo@salongeek
    Hehe can you imagine!! I've just watched a vid on you tube & looks to be Sellotape??? Around the nail anyway!
  14. K-Nails
    Lol finger waxing at the same time ouch. I think I will stick with throwaway
    Gloves lol xx
  15. picchi
    I feel in love with the "True Love Splatter mani" from the thescholarlynail blog and this [​IMG]
    from nailsxinfinity a while back.

    Later I found this tutorial from the polishaholic. I gave it a try last year for the season premier of Dexter... things go quite messy but it was a beautiful effect!!!
  16. Jojo@salongeek
    Brilliant!! I love it!! Can't wait to try it out :)
  17. wendywoo
    Oh yeeeeeah I loooove that. Thanks for sharing that I'm going to check that tutorial out. I love to splatter paint. I've got canvas' around the house where I've had me and the boys outside throwing paint.
    It's good to let the inhibitions out!!! Cheers xxx
  18. wendywoo
    I must admit I thought the same. Except I thought about cutting the tips off then taping up the tips and around the nail with tape. What about disposable latex gloves to start with?
    Lol! Do you think any of our clients would go for this or is it us mad, modern artists!! ;0)
  19. Lovebeauty14
    Gregs a legend!
    We need a Gregettes group....
  20. wendywoo

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