Spray tan contouring?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by fluffycloudland, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. fluffycloudland
    Has anyone done a course in this? I've seen one on the Alan Howard website & im wondering if there's much call for it.
  2. fluffycloudland
    :p Well I've booked onto the course anyway. :)
  3. donnamich
    I haven't done this, and never been asked by any clients if i do it. but im so tempted to do a course too, just so i can do it xx
  4. Michybug
    Did you do it? How was it?
  5. AshLovesTanning
    I would love to do one it would be great to offer something different!
  6. LA Tanning
    We don't do contouring as part of our training course but have seen a sprayed on 6 pack and it looked fabulous. Always good to be able to offer extras. Good luck with the course and let us know how you got on as it might be something we could introduce as an advanced session.
    Happy Spraying.

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