Spray tan staining blonde hair

Discussion in 'Skin' started by kellbelle, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. kellbelle
    i like to have my spray tan done every week as its good free advertisement, the only problem is i have very light blonde hair and the tans staining it just at the hairline i wear a cap and also vaseline on the hair that is showing but the tan still seems to get through and it doesnt wash out!! what can i do???
  2. tonilee
    Have you tried an actual shower cap? The tan ought not to penetrate that! (glam look....the things we do ai?!!)
  3. kellbelle
    yeah its a shower cap i use but you have to put it just a bit away from the hairline so you dont get a tan line
  4. tonilee
    Ahhh gotya!! Ok perhaps do pull it down and after the tan remove the cap dip a cotton bud in solution and go over the "tan line"???????
  5. kellbelle
    a tan line i when you see the colour difference on the skin
  6. collin
    Kelly are you naturally blond or do you have bleached hair which may be dry??
    this might help me answer your question for you.
  7. kellbelle
    im a bleached blonde i know its because my hairs quiet dry at this area but surely theres something out there that can remove it with out me having to bleach this part of my hair just to remove tan
  8. tonilee
    Although rather awkward you could wash and conditioner your hair pre tan and leave the conditioner whilst being tanned and leave it in over night.... then in affect the tan should sit on the conditioner not your hair and you'll be able to wash both off in the morning, it could also be a deep cleansing treatment for your hair.

  9. collin
    Bleached dry hair unfortunately like grey hair will act like a sponge to DHA..very much like dry skin does on the palms of hands and soles of feet.

    The problem is that the DHA soaks right into the hair and doesnt just sit on the surface and is therefore is very difficult to remove without damaging the hair itself.

    Prevention of the DHA increasing into the hair is probably about the best course of action to take.

    Some ideas
    1) Try having your spray tan with hair that has not recently been washed so the natural grease in the hair may give some added barrier.
    2) ensure your hair is washed with a heavy conditioner if you do need to wash it before a spray tan.
    3) explore possible barrier cream or oil options.Take the cream and comb it backyards from where it comes out from the crown ...just an inch or so should be fine...this way you don't end up with a brown/white stripe across your forehead.
    4)make sure your shower cap covers as much general hair as possible
    5) after the treatment take a kitchen towel and wipe off the barrier cream you have used in step 3) wiping back wards from your forehead (without wiping your skin and without wiping it onto the rest of your hair...try and stay within the parameters of the barrier area.Tricky I know but maybe worth the effort...if that makes sense?

    Unfortunately there really is no guaranteed way of resolving this problem....one of the disadvantages of being a blond Gal (or a grey haired guy) I suppose.
    Maybe one of the hair geeks may have some ideas of the best barrier and means of removing any solution stain.

    Sorry not conclusive but I hope of some help :hug:
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  10. kellbelle
    thanks collin ill give some of this a go and ill put a post up for hair geeks
  11. collin
    Its a pleasure :hug:

    I definatley thing prevention is better than a cure in this case so hopefully some answers as to the best barrier may come from a hair geek...good luck :hug:

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