Spray tan tent will NOT fold down :-(

Discussion in 'Skin' started by AlisonS, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. AlisonS
    Hi All,

    I received my fake bake equipment this morning and decided to practise assembling the tent and putting it away.

    It now will NOT go down. Both me and my boyfriend have spent the entire day trying to fold it away using the instructions. I have looked at pretty much every video on you tube and not one method works. I am so annoyed.

    Please somebody HELP me!!!!

    Also (not sure if this is what is causing problems), when I get it into the 'pringle' position, one side seems to be stiffer than the other and won't bend so well. Then when I start to coil it up, one of the 3 rings will not bend in (so it looks like a figure of 8 flat on the floor).

    Any ideas on how I can get past this?

    Ali x
  2. shedunlop
    Have a look on YouTube there is a demo there to show you how to pit one down. There is a sweet spot and if you get it just right it is simple. If you don't, well, you both know what that feels like!!!

    If you search tanning tent demo it should come up xxx
  3. shedunlop
    Sorry I didn't read all of your post. You need to look very carefully at what the girl does with both of her hands not just the one she does the folding with. Hope you manage it, they take up a lot of room otherwise!! It takes a bit of getting used to, I have a tan at a client house tomorrow and I hope I get it right then otherwise it won't go back in my car! Xxx
  4. MissConfused
    are all fake tan tents the same? i have done my training with sienna and we went through putting the tent down and it was so easy! if they are all the same and do all have that memory metal in then make sure when you are folding it down when it's flat that you hold the fat end and fold that over and the tent will remember what to do. when i first opened mine i struggled with mine and was like omg i can't get it down what am i gonna do and proper panicked but with a bit of pushing here and wiggling there it went down but after being shown on my training it's alot easier to put down! x
  5. AlisonS
    Thanks guys, success! It is now back in its bag. I watched the video as suggested and after a few goes it went down! Was beginning to think I was going to have to open a tanning parlour in my conservatory as I wouldn't be able to take it mobile!
    Not looking forward to getting it out again though!

    They did show us on our training but I guess they make it look easy! xx
  6. spoilt
    it folds easy if i have the flap for extractor facing me when tent flat and on an angle before i attempt to fold down..:D
  7. MissConfused
    lol! your conservatory comment made me chuckle! did you not have a practise with putting the tent down on your training? keep on practising, that's the only reason it looks so easy because the trainers know exactly what they are doing because they have done it that much! good luck with your tanning! x
  8. Bonkers
    i think most of us have been there at some point after you have had it up and down a few times they seem to just fold down alot easier, i had to watch the videos very closely as mine was up for a few weeks when i first started tanning now it goes down in one easy move and 10 secs, i love it although not so long ago it decided to have a bad mood with me and not go down at a clients house, eventually it behaved and went back in the bag. good luck with your tanning x
  9. steve@nouvatan
  10. Maizy
    Did you manage to get it down ok ?! x
  11. lipsticky
    Been there done this.. you will get the hang of it. Be careful not to force it or you will mis-shape it.. Practise makes perfect.
  12. BonBon
    :lol: That made me chuckle Steve.

    You just gotta show yer 'tint' whos boss!

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