Spray Tan - wearing makeup?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Emmaz, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Emmaz
    Hi Girlies

    Thanks for all your help with my last question, i had a patch test and im not allergic so looking forward to getting my tan done :D

    I know its silly but can i wear lipstick and eye makeup having the spray tan done on my face? i really dont like walking around completely bare faced especially when i have to get the bus into town and walk !

    Thanks a lot
  2. collin
    It really best to leave make up application until after you have had your initial shower which would both remove the initial colour guide and allow sufficient time for the developing tan to...well develop without being disturbed with the rubbing to the skin when applying make up .

    Lipstick should be fine :hug:

    That's the official line however im sure there's many that do apply a minimal amount of make up fairly soon after the spray tan application..you know what you gal's are like with your make up :D.
  3. Emmaz
    Thankyouu! Would wearing a tiny bit of mascara to the tanning session be ok? i guess i could take it off if they think its not good !
  4. kimi1101
    your mascara should be fine, as you're not trying to tan your eyelashes. :)
  5. collin
    Agreed Kim...however if your wearing a pom pom on your head be sure to wear a cap LOL :eek::lol::lol::Grope:
  6. kimi1101
    Collin- don't be ridiculous...

    If I get tan on the pom pom, it just rinses off when I'm washing the guide off! Either that or a bit of WD40 will clean it up ;)
  7. lxj3nkins
    When i did my fake bake training the trainer said it was ok to keep a full face of make up on as the tan will still penertrate and develop as normal and it did :)
    So i guess you can get away with leaving some make up on.
  8. collin
    Good to hear...but be warned...don't you go spraying WD40 onto that pom pom of yours whilst smokin a joint....the bang you feel inside your head wont be from the smoke your having ...it will be the real thing....remember for the fire brigade its 999.
    I seem to recall your into rugger players......am guessing firemen fall into the same category...and if your up visiting your dear old mum in Scotland at the time ...im guessing theres a good chance they will be wearing Kilts also....lets hope the fire isnt on the first floor and they have to gain entry into the building up step ladders through the first floor window :eek::lol::lol:
  9. collin
    It really is better to have all make up removed pior to a spray tan application....blank clean canvas kind of thing :hug:
  10. kimi1101
    i dont like firemen. or joints. lol.

    just rugby boys and wine and last time i checked that dont cause any long term damage to my pom pom :D
  11. Emmaz
    Thanks everyone for all your help!!!!!! I took my makeup off when i was there, its gone brilliant im very pleasured with results.

    Shall i moisturize twice a day? and would aqueous cream be ok?

    thanks again:D
  12. lxj3nkins
    Aslong as your moistuiser doesnt contain AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which are present in most like anti aging creams and washes ect you cream will be good and keep your tan looking better for longer these AHA's breakdown the tanning pigment. :D
  13. Gina Ballerina
    When I did my training they said skin had to be free from any product. No lotion,deodrant, make-up..

    I make all my clients take their mak-up off (although mascara is fine)
  14. Gina Ballerina
    You need an oil free moisturiser, oil lifts the dead skin sells.
    Ive used aqueous cream for eczema and found it pretty geasey (really moisturising creams usually are)
    Dont use it hun x

    Yes moisturise twice a day and use a really gentle body wash or just water and then soap on your bits and pits only.

    Your therapist will give you all your aftercare, ask her any questions you have while youre there and ask for a after care sheet if sje doesnt offer one.

    Hope this helps x

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