Spray tanning and chemo???

Discussion in 'Skin' started by missyb1975, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. missyb1975
    Hello all,
    My most loyal of tanning clients has sadly been diagnosed with cancer (again) and this time will be going through large bouts of chemo. :cry:

    She loves her tan and has said that even chemo isn't going to stop her having her tan. It's the one thing that makes her feel good.

    Has anyone tanned someone going thru chemo? What should I expect? Her skin will get VERY dry will it not and need copious amounts of moisturiser to keep her tan on???

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Nail Perfection
    I have a client with secondary cancer who is on chemo. She tends to come to me when she is off her chemo for a week or so. The tan has always worked out fine. She does have dry skin but she moisturises every day.

    As long as she doesn't put on body lotion before the tan she should be ok. She may have to exfoliate after a few days to make sure it fades well.

    I can only speak from my experience but you wont know until you try.
    My client loves to have a tan as it makes her look and more importantly, "feel" healthy.

    I consider it a privilege to have the chance to make her feel so much better!
  3. tigi
    we are not allowed to spray tan anyone undergoing chemotherapy as our insurance does not allow it.

    have you contacted your tanning suppliers? maybe they can advise you?

  4. nails2nails
    Hi Tigi

    Why can't we spray someone undergoing this? xx
  5. tigi
    HI hon

    Sorry, I need to just state that I am not able to as a condition my own insurance at my salon. I didnt mean that you cant at all.... Thats something you would need to clear up with your insurance , and then your tanning suppliers.

    Chemo can do some pretty tough things to the body and I imagine that your spray tan soloution provider would be able to clear up possible outcomes or indeed if they recommend you avoid spray tanning whilst chemo is being performed.

    When I had a malignant melanoma I was refused a note from my doc to say I could have one. He said that it was not wise , and I think it was due to possible skin irritation , though Ill be honest and say that I am not 100% certain on that.

    I dont mean to frighten anyone into thinking they cant, just saying that our insurance wont let us, and so possibly, it could be good to check with insurance and tanning solution providers.

  6. BeautyByJulia
    Hi there,

    I had a lady enquire about spray tanning when undergoing chemo, I use Fake Bake and contacted them and was advised that they have had a lot of clients who have had chemo who have had tans and it has been absolutely fine but they also advised that there is a very slight risk that the tanning agents might not take to the skin very well because of the medication.

    I would also get her to check with her dr first and get a drs note just to cover your insurance but if the drs are happy with it I would def advise her to keep having them, if its going to make her feel good then it cant be a bad thing.....

  7. nails2nails
    Thanks Hun,

    Thats cool I will check too..just was wondering if there was a certain reason why you couldn't....but will ask them.

    Ta again xx

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