Spray Tanning in the middle of a Microdermabrasion Course

Discussion in 'Skin' started by SunSpray, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. SunSpray
    Hi All

    I've had an enquiry from a lady who'd like a spray tan, but she's half way through a 6 week course of microdermabrasion and wondering if it would be OK.

    She said her skin looks and feels fine after each microdermabrasion session, and she wears full make-up the next day with no problems.

    Just wondering what you microdermabrasion Geeks would say?

    Thanks xx
  2. loubylou
    Have you contacted your fake bake trainer with this question,
    i would advise a patch test.
  3. SunSpray
    Hi Loubylou, No I haven't contacted my Fake Bake trainer with the question, I kinda thought that as there are so many beauty therapists on this site, they may be in a better position to advise due to their possible microdermabrasion knowledge and experience. I guess I wondered if spray tanning would come under the "Don't" heading in the aftercare advice.

    Regarding a patch test, you're right but the only thing is it'd have to be on the client's face or neck, which I'm not sure I really fancy doing.

    I was told today which salon the client has the MD done at, so I may just call them up and see what they say.

    Thanks xx
  4. Aquarius Beauty

    Your client should have received all the aftercare advice from the salon where she is having the treatment I would not be happy to treat the client before checking with them. Better to be safe than sorry :)
  5. Princessstacie
    I always thought that after a microdermabrasion treatment you werent allowed to wear make-up or anything like that until the course had finished? Im not sure if that is correct. If you cant get a response from your trainer i would maybe suggest she contact her salon and get them to write a letter to confirm whether or not she is allowed it. Also do a patch test. At least this way your covering your back if she did have some sort of reaction to it. HTH xx
  6. smcconnell1989
    I do microdermabrasion at my salon. There is no problem with putting makeup on straight after a treatment. Like any facial it is best to let the skin breathe but many clients do come up a bit red afterwards so feel better putting makeup on after.

    As for a spray tan aslong as the clients skin is ok during the course i wouldn't advise against it. I treat sometimes really bad acne skins with the microderm and this sometimes can bring out a breakout more before it starts to improve so in a case like that i wouldn't do it. But if this lady says her skin is fine then i wouldn't see a problem. It's pretty much the same as putting makeup on, but with mderm been a deep exfoliating facial they need to be aware that next time they have a treatment their tan will come off! So make sure they dont have it booked the next day!

    Hope this has helped x
  7. SunSpray
    That has helped, thanks very much xx

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