Spray tanning someone in a wheelchair

Discussion in 'Skin' started by JulesC, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. JulesC Unqualified
    I've had an enquiry from someone who is in a wheelchair. As far as i know she cannot stand up. She only wants upper body & legs done but doesn't want her chair to be spoilt / stained. Apparently another spray tanner has refused. Any advice geeks please??? x
  2. Lolly22
    Hmm is she only wanting you to tan what you can see? I imagine that would be ok but as her legs are bent as shes sitting I would be worried how the tan would turn out? As for her chair couldn't you ask her to put towels over it before she comes on or if she could get out of the chair to let you cover it over? Perhaps someone could come with her to help you. Assuming she gets out of the chair to shower and use the loo?

    Just some options.
  3. thinkpink2008
    Maybe it would be better if she could get onto another chair ir a stool with help? Therefore protecting her chair from overspray etc and youd probably have easier access as well if thats possible. Think its a bit.rude of.others to say no, seems like discrimination on their part xx

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  4. collin
    Bless this lady and I think its important,unlike the other therapist,that you/we rise to this challenge as its so important to a disabled person to be able to be felt as normal as possible....my mother was wheel chair ridden most of her life and I know just how important is was for her to have beauty treatments despite being wheel chair bound most of her adult life.

    I think its important you discuss fully with her the constraints of the treatment you are about to offer her simply due to her sitting position...obviously you will be unable to do much of her body however with ingenuity I'm sure you can give her sufficient coverage that when dressed she is as normally tanned as us able bodied individuals.

    It will be important also for her to bring with her someone that she uses regularly to help her mobility as this could come in handy for you both

    First consideration is of course her concerns with the wheel chair ...simple to resolve ...simply use couch roll or old towels to cover this...I would suggest she also sits on an old towel to prevent any solution which may end on her seat to be mopped up so as not to "Grab" onto her skin which comes into contact.
    It will be also very important to discuss with her any possible "Bed sore" issues she might have on her buttocks as if open...then this is an area you must avoid...the sitting on a towel go possibly mitigate any problems here.
    Ensure she is ex foliated properly and any hair moisturizer is properly removed from the skin so she must have a good bed bath before coming to you and it would be useful to have some buff wipes handy when she comes to remove any excess dead skin as it will be difficult for her to fully ex foliate as well as an able bodied individual.

    In terms of coverage ...well all you can do is spray as much exposed skin as possible and I would recommend you start with a lighter shade...do upper body and legs as normal coverage however maybe just a good misting to the middle torso where there could be contact with the wheelchair seat.

    This is a wonderful challenge for a therapist and one that if you get right will make this lady the happiest of customers.
    Good luck and do let us know how things turn out for her
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  5. JulesC Unqualified
    Thank you so much for your replies so far. I've been giving this a lot of thought this morning & as you've all pointed out, it would be a real shame to exclude this lady & i really want to do my best to get this right. I'm going to ask for her phone no (so far we've used FB private messaging) & have a chat with her. I really don't know how mobile she is out of her chair & whether sitting on another chair / stool is feasible. I will definitely request she has someone else there to help with mobility. I was thinking of using a big bath sheet towel over her chair ( i always place one of the floor of my tent anyway).

    Collin - thank you, aside from your lovely comments, you have made a really good point about open sores (i hadn't thought of that).

    I'm now waiting for her to get back to me, but i will post on here what happens next.

    Thanks geeks, i would be absolutely lost without this forum x:Love:
  6. NewGeekGem
    I think it will definitely depend on how much support she needs from the wheelchair. However worst case you could probably do her face, chest and arms? I think she would appreciate the fact that you'd at least tried rather than dismissing her. Like the others have suggested you could use towels for the wheelchair or even a clean dust sheet. My daughter is in a wheelchair and if I thought someone (the other therapist) had simply refused I wouldn't be happy x
  7. collin
    I hope she comes back to you and I hope all goes well for both of you...I know for certain she will be one very appreciative customer and hopefully one that will return time and time again

    Good luck xxx
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  8. Jigglyb4ll
    This may seem a really silly option, and it would take longer as needing to allow to dry before each movement, but could you not spray her laying down?
    Please forgive me if it's a ridiculous idea, just a thought xx

    I think it's best to speak to her direct as she has probably thought all this thru herself as to the best way of getting to hidden areas and generally speaking, disabled people tend to be a hell of a lot more adaptable than we give credit for!! (again please don't take that as condescending!! Only I have In the past worked with people with various disabilities and the continually surprised me with how much more 'able' they can be)

    Whatever happens...good luck!!
    I think it's admirable you are taking on this challenge and I really hope it goes well for both you and your client!! :)
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  9. Baggybear
    This may be an easier task to undertake at the clients home if you are mobile.

    I would say that she will probably have a shower seat and a large shower that would be perfect for her to sit to be tanned. Shower seats are hard molded plastic so can be washed over after use to remove any tan solution on it and the shower cubicle also washed down.

    If it has to be within the salon I would look to ensure you work out what help the client is going to need getting in and out of her chair - if she needs lifting this is going to create issues after spraying her as it is likely that her tan will rub off some areas when lifted back into her chair, if she needs less help then ensure you think things through and leave any bits that you know will be affected by the help she needs and then maybe quickly spray those areas when she is back in her chair with couch roll or towels protecting her clothes and chair.

    I have sprayed a client with MS who wasn't wheelchair bound but was unsteady on her feet so I had one of her close friends to hold her hand for support while I tanned her then we both helped her to move into the different positions needed for me to continue spraying, we made sure she was fully sprayed and then I dried her with the hose to ensure she could dress and then after she dressed (in loose trousers and a vest top) we sat her down on her mobility scooter and I put couch roll over her lap and sprayed her hands - this was so that we knew she was 100% safe before doing her hands as we had been holding her hands right through the treatment. Her tan turned out lovely and she felt fab for having it done too.
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  10. Harlequin
    Have you considered providing her with a manual tan treatment? I don't know if i missed it but I can't see why your client is in a wheelchair so maybe it wouldn't be suited or it may be contraindicated but with a manual tan your client can be lying down on a bed, the limbs would be done first, then she could sit up aided and her back could be tanned.

    If the client only wants the areas that are seen done and not a full body tan...it might be worth mentioning if you do manual tans. You could probably adjust price if she is only getting upper body done so it wouldn't in theory cost more than a spray tan...unless she wanted a full body tan treatment.

    Just a thought.
  11. missymish
    What an excellent idea! These type of showers are usually pretty open too so although sitting down I think you would be able to get about 90% of her body tanned, as it would just be her bottom and back of thighs on the seat. Depending how mobile she is she may be able to just perch her bottom on the edge of the seat so if you manoeuvre yourself around you could get all the legs done.

    I have tanned someone who was paralysed on one arm and also another person on crutches, when you are faced with these situations you overcome any problems and do what you can to the best of your ability.

    Good luck!

    X x
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  12. JulesC Unqualified
    thanks for this, i only do spray tans, never done manuals on a client x
  13. JulesC Unqualified
    i am mobile, thanks for this baggy bear, i appreciate your advice & really like the shower seat idea x
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  14. Harlequin
    Ah. Its fairly easy to do but if you've never done one before it might not be best to try on a new client! Good luck though with whatever technique yoiu decide to use :)
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  15. JulesC Unqualified
    Well we've had a phone consultation & i've agreed to tan her next week. She is having it done in her friends house & her friend (who has regular spray tans) will be on hand to assist. Her shower is not feasible due to size. She cannot stand so we've discussed doing it in her chair. She can move her arms & has agreed that we can move her legs for coverage . I'll use lots of towels to protect her chair. There are no open sores or medication to consider. I've checked that she is able to exfoliate effectively. She is fair skinned & burns in the sun so i've explained that i'm going to make it very natural looking. I'm doing it 2 days before her special occasion. Can anyone think of anything else i will need to consider ? x
  16. KirstieLou
    Will it not rub off when she puts her wet leg down?

    Make sure you dry it off first xx
  17. Harlequin
    I'd say just be sure to use the gun to air dry her after the spray. Just do what you'd normally do, if you use aqueous cream on dry areas (knees/elbows ankles) then do that. Offer her a shower cap in case of a lot of overspray or anything...and give her friend gloves to wear just in case she picks up the tan while helping the lady in question move :)

    Good luck btw, please let us know how it goes. I hope your client loves the tan!!!
  18. JulesC Unqualified
    Thanks KirstieLou & Harlequin, sorry i never put that in my last post, but yes, i'd already chatted to her about drying off. Yes, i'll giver her a disposable cap to wear, but hadn't thought about gloves for her friend so i'll definitely do that. Thanks x
  19. JulesC Unqualified
    I sprayed this lady last night - success!!!! I did it in my tent & covered her wheelchair totally with bath sheets. She was able to lift herself so i could cover the seat of her chair. She removed the back rest & leg supports. She was really confident undressing & even asked me for disposable undies - not sure why i was surprised but i was. i think the fact that she felt so comfortable made me more at ease. We'd agreed that i'd spray where i could, but i did not spray bottom & back of thighs due to sore spots. None were open that i could see, but she was happy with my explanation & i had small towels which we used to protect this area. I sprayed her in Sienna 10% - quite a light mist & she loves it. I'm so pleased i've been able to provide her with this treatment & TBH without support from you guys, i'm not sure i'd have gone ahead with it. The anticipation of how it was going to work out was not worth it, because with a bit of extra work & moving about (on my part) I'm delighted that its worked out for both her & me. Thanks guys xxxxx:Kissing:
    BTW she says she'd liked to make tans part of her beauty routine!!! x
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  20. collin
    Well done :hug:

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