SSW - How does cuticle remover work?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ~Emmsybabes~, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. ~Emmsybabes~
    exactly how does it work to dissolve the cuticle ?
    how long is "the right amount of time" for it to give its best ?
    or does that depend on the client ?

    what would happen if you did not remove the cuticle remover correctly from the surrounding skin ?

    i know cnd can also be used to soften calluses too ...
    but ?
  2. eager beaver
    a common ingrediant in cuticle remover is potassium hydroxide, which lifts the dead cuticle (keratin) from the surface of the nail, which is then removed with a cuticle knife/pusher as an aid. the remover however is doing most of teh work. As this is an active ingrediant it is important not to apply cuticle remover to the live skin. it is also good for whitening the nail. HTHs:)
  3. ~Emmsybabes~
    well i didnt know that !
    how come it is good for whitening the nail ?
    and how does it actually lift the cuticle then ...

    lol i know i sound really annoying , but it needs to click lol :lol:
  4. Tiger Jay
    Cuticle Remover works by applying it to the nail, and after waiting approximately 1 minute, begins to break down the non living tissue on the surface of the nail. Kind of almost burning it away.

    This is the reason for the need to remove it by washing the hands thoroughly after using your implement to remove the non living tissue. As this will continue to work otherwise. Not good for living tissue!
  5. nailartist
    The pH of Cuticle Remover is high--13, I think? This makes it a base, or alkaline, and as such it is a skin irritant, because it breaks down skin tissue (which is only a 7-ish on the pH scale). This is why it's so good at getting rid of cuticle on the nail plate, and also why you have to neutralize it and wash it off thoroughly.
  6. ~Emmsybabes~
    fab answer thankyou xxx
    so are some higher in Ph level than others then ?

    because i was using one a while ago that ...well it didn't do what it said on the bottle :(

    but then bought a different one ..that is absolutely brilliant ...takes of everything ..every little trace !

    or do they all have the same Ph level ...just other ingredients that differ ?
  7. Tiger Jay
    Shoot me if I'm stating the obvious but are you sure that product you bought that you thought wasn't doing the job, wasn't Cuticle Eraser, as apposed to Cuticle Remover?

    There is a big difference.
  8. ~Emmsybabes~
    no hun ~emma runs off to find it at the back of the rubbish cuboard somewhere~

    it is ...cuticle remover cream by a well known company ...but is nowhere near the standard of the cnd one i now use
  9. Tiger Jay
    And this cuticle remover cream is one that you must wash off after removing the non living tissue, yeh?
  10. ~Emmsybabes~

    its says ...softens dry cuticle skin naturally for easy removal with laender , geranium and mint ...apply to cuticle area and gently push back with a manicure stick wash off with warm water !

    then lists all the ingredients
  11. Tiger Jay
    Sounds to me like there seems to be alot of moisturising ingredients in it, which perhaps alters the performance of the product?

    If you notice the Creative Cuticle Remover has very little "flowery bits" in the ingredients, not a cream, no lavender, no smelly stuff.

    Maybe this is the reason for it being so effective.

    Come on someone put me straight on this?
  12. nailartist
    What are all the ingredients? Is sodium hydroxide one of them? That's the one in CND cuticle remover that really does the work.

    I reckon that the differences between the effectiveness of these different products is simply down to different formulations. Everyone tries something different to get the same, or similar, effect.
  13. JacintaJean.
    this was very helpful thanks :)
  14. spn01
    Not all cuticle removers are created equal, some have higher and lesser active ingredients (sodium hydroxide) than others. Cuticle Away - alas Cuticle Remover is another example of a fabulous CND product made for the nail professional. It is quick, gentle and very effective, making our work as nail technicians so much easier. The aloe counteracts the drying effect of Sodium Hydroxide, it is also very important to neutralize with soap and water. As always follow product use recommendations from manufacturer.

  15. Retired
    I have found this thread sooo interesting! Having not been CND trained or used any of the products, what is the difference between Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Eraser then, and at which stage would you use the Eraser? One or the other, or both together? Thankx in advance. :hug:
  16. Jessicles
    Another interesting tidbit, in case no one that sodium hydroxide is the same stuff used in chemical hair straighteners to break down the curl, then the neutralizer is used to reattach the bonds in the straight position. It breaks down keratin, and hair and nails and skin are all keratin. Sodium hydroxide does not have an effective time limit, so if it's not washed of properly, it could cause irritation and redness and peeling.
    NSI's Cuticle Dissolve has AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid) - and a fairly good amount - to exfoliate the dead skin away. It's pretty awesome stuff - no fluffy fragrances, dyes. Just a great cuticle remover. Just dab a little on each finger and gently massage. By the time you are done with the tenth finger, the first will be ready to have the cuticle scraped away with a curette, or other implement.

    If you don't remove the cuticle, your enhancements could lift. Just rememeber to clean each finger with a cleansing product and nail wipe before moving forward. Leaving cuticle remover behind could also cause lifting. The nail plate needs to be completely clean and dehyrdated for maximum adhesion.

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