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Discussion in 'Nail' started by mrs turner, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. mrs turner
    Hi can anyone please tell me what stamping plate I can get these lips / kiss ? Or a similar design. Thanks.

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  2. Princess Layla
    Bundle monster do some lips I think, but may be smaller than these x
  3. mrs turner
    Thanks princess layla, I've just googled the image again and suspect they were an airbrush stencil. But I don't airbrush. I have konad m84 but the lips are smaller.just really liked the bigger ones in pic.
  4. EmJZ
    I have bundle monster BM-303 & Konad M84
    bundle is definitely's a pic of both to compare :)

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  5. mrs turner
    Ahh Emjz you have made my day. That looks like the exact pair of lips.:wink2:
    I need to go see where I can buy the bundle monster from now. Thank you x
  6. mrs turner
    Can anyone tell me where I can buy bundle monster stamping plates? Apart from Amazon, is there any where else?. As it's definitely bundle monster 303 I really want. Thanks
  7. EmJZ
    no problem at all :)

    I got mine from - not sure where in the uk though, sorry
  8. Glome
    I'm just starting out in gel nail. I love the nails they look great. How do you transfer the stencils from the metal plate? Do I need to cure and wipe first?
  9. mrs turner
    Hi glome.if you Google or YouTube Konad stamping you will find details you need and steps .
  10. Arty*Rox
    With gel polish I finish completely including top coat then stamp, then apply another top coat to seal in the design.
  11. mrs turner
    Thanks Emjz .:hug:
  12. MissOwen
    I think amazon is the only place in the UK where you can buy the bundle monster stamps and you cant get them as singles. Only in a bundle i believe :wink2: xx
  13. Arty*Rox
    As far as I know to get that plate you have to buy the whole bundle monster 2012 set, dont think you can buy them separately as its part of a bundle. :)

    Theres also a thread on here about stamping

    And a group Salon Geek - Konad stamping geeks
  14. mrs turner
    Thanks Miss Owen and Arty Rox too.:hug: off to have a little shop at Amazon I go . X
  15. MissOwen
    They are worth getting. The first bundle set I got had some really odd designs in it. The 2012 ones have a lot more lovely ones. Clients seem to like lots of them and they work out at a good price per plate xx
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