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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Minipig007, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Minipig007
    Hi gals and guys,

    I was wondering if i could ask your opinion/advice on something. I noticed in the new ellisons catalogue that one of their new products is a steamer for hot towels, which seems like an excellent idea to me. Now, as i'm only just starting out and have little in the way of funding, i had considered that the same effect could be attained by buying a standard food steamer, as steam is steam right? I had wanted a hot towel cabbie, but this seems like a cheaper alternative.

    Well, a question hit me this morning, and i wondered if some of you more experienced geeks could help me answer it. Wouldn't the towels be really quite hot and perhaps too warm to use on a client straight out of a steamer? Have any of you used this method and found that it's actually okay??

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. eager beaver
    From experience, the towels that come out of a food steamer are very very hot, and you need to shake them off a bit in order to be able to hold them. the steam cabinets are set at the right temp, and you can get little bags to wrap the flannels/mitts in which go in the cabinet. There is a big difference in price, but either option makes for a much ore luxurious facial, rather than sponges! Def worth the outlay.Hths x
  3. jnail
    We use a nice big stainless steel rice steamer -
    Great for hot towels & herbal balls/poultice.

    It has 2 settings - Hot & warm - Start on hot & turn down little before you use them.

    Grab the towel by the corner let it open & release steam shake a lil.
    Test a small section of the towel to clients face/leg/arm - treatment area.
    Place or let cool a lil longer.


    XX J XX
  4. Jen Smith
    I used rolled up face flannels soaked in water and wrung out and place them in a slow cooker on a low heat. I add a couple of drops of lemon oil and a little extra water (about an egg cup full) and they are perfect when I want to use them for my pedicures and manicures.

    The slow cooker was about £25 I think ... :)
  5. gemmamarie
    Hi there
    I am not sure if you are going to be mobile or not but i am mobile and as I try to take as little into peoples homes as poss i always use nice flannels and soak them in hot water. I always take a pretty bowl to put them in. A couple of minutes before I need them I get them out give them a squeeze and then they are ready to use!
    This is a great option if you are just starting out or like me have only a small clientel at the moment. Hopefully in the future I will be able to invest in a more hitech method!
  6. Minipig007
    Hi Everythone,

    Thanks for your replies.. and thanks for those links too.. sorry i failed to usethe search engine on ths occassion, i usually remember ;-)

    I think i will look at using a steamer, especially as you can put oils in it too!
  7. pure
    Staff Member
    I'd love to know which one you choose in the end because this thread got me thinking too!:lol:
  8. sparklybits
  9. thebeautyman
    I found this post on Salon Geek when I was googling hot towel cabinets I also found a company called Beauty Pro which I'd not heard about before.

    I did some research and spoke to a few wholesalers and loads of wholesalers seem to be stocking their product now which is called Beauty Pro hot towel steamer.

    We bought one and it's brilliant and a lot cheaper than a hot towel cabinet, more compact and portable (as we also do mobile beauty and massage).

    We bought it online and they delivered really quick which was impressive.

    Here's the web address
  10. Amethyst
    I bought a slow cooker from Argos which was a steal at £19.99!! (In the sale).
    Originally I was looking at towel caddies from professional Beauty Suppliers as that's what ive been used to using - but at over £100 I felt it was way too much money.
    The slow cooker's perfect for heating damp towels/mitts and I also use it for my hot stones - so a two in one investment! Deffinatly worth the money!

    Jen x
  11. hippy-chick
    do you really want to have the image of a cheapskate/amateur by using the wrong equipment?

    I have tried using a food steamer, blimey you can buy one in tesco for £9, but it a) is a food steamer b) looks like a food steamer c) acts like a food steamer d) SOUNDS like a food steamer.

    If I went for a PROFESSIONAL treatment and the therapist used one of those, I wouldn't be impressed.

    I bought both of my towel cabis (yes I own 2, I rent from 2 different premises so I bought one for each premises because I love my cabis so much) from ebay for approx £70 each.

    I use my cabi for so many different things, and probably utilise it in 75% of my treatments.

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