Step by step official shellac application

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Frenchyfile, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Frenchyfile
    Hi I know the official Shellac procedure, but can some one please list it step by step confirming also the fact you dont need to buff before hand this would help me confirm to some one who is doubting what I am trying to tell them, I thank you all enormously in advance for your support in this
    thank you xx
  2. Sagll01
    You can get step by step application videos on the CND web page, they do step by step for French too, they are really helpful xxxxx
  3. An*Gel
    I just want to clarify that you absolutely do not need to buff with Shellac
  4. Sagll01
    Nope, no buffing required
  5. mum
    And I just want to clarify what I and many others have said several times that all of these products are only as good as the base they are applied to.

    A nail in good condition does not need buffing for any of them if the application is accurate. A nail that does not have a good surface may need a light buffing for ALL the different brands, even Shellac! Eg a nail that has delamination will not successfully hold on to anything.

    You need to use your skills and knowledge and do what is right for each client and each nail. I don't know why light buffing is such an issue! No one worries about glossing a natural nail!

    Don't buff if you don't need to and save time. If the surface is not good then give it a light buff.
  6. Chameleon
    I have to say i have done this with one client who after examining her nails thought would be beneficial,and i have just used a 240 grit file,i would never use anything less....however her skin and nails were in quite good condition,and i only did this to take the shine off her nail...

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