Stupid this right?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Mrs Jess, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Mrs Jess
    I just published my business page on facebook & suggested friends...only none of them have recieved a notification of suggestion. I looked into it & someone said that they don't notify you anymore, it just appears on the right hand side of your home page, is that right??? if so, what a stupid way of doing things :irked:

    thanks :)
  2. StephR
    Hi Jenna700 yes this is right! I've done the same thing for my business and hardly any of my friends/ clients have joined! I hate it when Facebook changes things. Like the saying goes if it isn't broken don't fix it!
  3. Mrs Jess
    typical....i completely agree with you!! why change it to something rubbish when it was working perfectly ok before!!

    thanks for confirming x
  4. redsadie
    I sent a message to all the friends I thought would be interested with a link to my page.

    Its a right PITA but what can you do when FB continually update, and not always for the better?!

  5. Heaven sent
    Hiya, i was thinking of setting up a fb page, but decided to go for a group page instead as i can ask friends to join and make it open for all to see, ive read such alot of threads on here about the fb pages and decided against it. x
  6. kitty78
    I'm going to be starting my own business soon and leaving the salon and going mobile. Had been wondering whether to have a page you had to join or just like. Think this has decided me on the join!
  7. happyfeet
    hi ladies

    on the same track does anyone know what the rules are regarding groups. as in i know like pages are used for businesses and wondered do they let businesses have a group page as well. a lady in my area uses groups for her business and it really is quite brilliant as i get notified if she or anyone else posts on her wall..... it keeps it in my mind she is there. also like pages from what i understand doesnt allow you to tag photos. dont want to set up a group only to get my wrists slapped by fb and businesses not being allowed to use it. sure i read a thread about certain pages/profiles/groups a little while ago but cant find the blinking thing now! bookmark happyfeet bookmark!

    many thanks xxx
  8. Heaven sent
    Hiya happyfeet, most the people i know have groups and pages for the business's but ive looked into it and your right with groups people get a notification telling them on any updates so on and with pages its just likes and you cant tag im going to stick to setting up a group as at least you can invite who you want and post statuses for all to see xxx
  9. femmefan
    I have a facebook page but find it frustrating about the problems inviting 'likers' so am thinking about having a group too. I think there are merits on both sides. I wonder if there is a way to automatically post to both. Hmmm, some more research to be done I think :)
  10. Sarah22
    Hi :)

    We have a like page and a group page for the salon.

    Personally I prefer the like page, it means we can have statuses as the business, and we get a better response to this page.

    With a like page, you can share the link onto your personal fb. This comes up on your news feed. I write a comment under the link and ask everyone to like it and suggest to others!!

    HTHs :) xx
  11. femmefan
    This is the bit I always forget! Thanks for reminding me :lol:
  12. Mrsbigknoxy
    I had that problem too so I logged into my husbands account and accepted my page, got a few "likes" from that. Now every once and a while I write in my own status that I have a page and include the link. Hth's

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  13. NeciaK
    I'm sure I wasn't suppose to but I ended up deleting my "fan" page and ended up doing it up like a personal page. I had over 60 people except my friends request in 4 days(only 20 likes in 3weeks on the other). It allows you to post on your friends wall were as before you couldn't since you weren't technically friends. Couldn't get any likes, when I would try to "suggest" it to friends, I kept getting errors with the friends list. I just keep the page open for everyone to see.
  14. happyfeet
    Brilliant posts and articles ladies. Made my mind up....... fan page it is! xxx
  15. elliebee
    Do you have to post on each separately?
  16. Sarah22
    Yes xx
  17. sarahc
    this happened to me too cpl days ago, thought they were all blanking me lol
    so why does it give you the option to notify them ??
    also cant put my web site address on fb if anyone asks, bocks it and says someone has reported this as spam or obscene content! thanks for nothing face book, without us the users they'd be nothing
  18. femmefan
    You can put your web address on your profile details where everyone can see it, rather than on a post. Have you got a personal profile, business page or group?

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