Sulphate free or Sodium free shampoos

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Fuzion, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Fuzion
    Hi all,

    I have been doing some research into which shampoos are ok to use after the brazilian blow dry, so I can compile a list to give to my customers once the complimentary ones I give them are finished.

    I've come across countless sulphate free, but very small sodium free, in fact 2 , 1 being La Brasiliana.

    I'm drawing my own conclusion that if a shampoo is sulphate free, it will be sodium free, as La Brasiliana contains ammonium laurel sulphate,( no sodium) but not sodium laurel sulphate, or sodium laureth sulphate (sodium and sulphate).

    So far I've found all Pureology, Tigi S-Factor Health factor shampoo, and Rockaholic, livin the dream, and Osmo colour which does say sodium and salt free!

  2. fozzyo
    Outback Organics is sls an paraben free.
  3. 30sharon
    hiya nexxus is awell they do a great travel pack which is a great size to let clients try it
  4. persianista
    All the pureology range is sulphate free. I rec it for use after Braz Blowdry. I think there is a little write up about it on my haircare website.
  5. geeg
    Eufora is an American salon professional Brand that I buy and give to my hairdresser who does my hair on a weekly basis. It is free of all petro-chemical products plus the others mentioned here and also does not contain water - which has been replaced by aloevera in the formula.

    As a client I adore this shampoo ... my hair really does shine like the adds and my hairdresser never has to use use conditioner on my hair. Whenever I am forced to use anything else (if I am travelling) my hair instantly feels terrible and completely different. I try to remember to take it with me everywhere I go.

    I hope to god I can always get a supply of it.

    Eufora International
  6. -sophisticutz-
    Can I ask why you don't recommend the one that compliments your Brazilian blowdry system? I use Kerastraight and only recommend the Kerastraight shampoo and conditioner to maintain the hair. That way any problems I have can be traced.
  7. claires hair
    its expensive im guessing :eek:
  8. persianista
    No it's not expensive, it is just a bit rank, and pureology is nicer. Clients would rather use a nicer product. Plus my margin is better with pureology.
  9. Fuzion
    Hi there,

    I give my clients a free 50ml bottle each of La Brasiliana Shampoo and Conditioner with every treatment, with p&p the 250ml bottles would work out about £14 each, and its not that great.

    I've printed a list of does and don't for clients to follow and also have recommended shampoos they can obtain EASILY themselves.
    I want to offer them as many options as possible, as being mobile I cannot keep the official products in stock.

  10. Jumbo2000
    Can anyone here recommend a shampoo and conditioner that is free from BOTH SLS and sodium chloride?? Thanks!!:wink2:
  11. hairstudent
    Hi I bought Tigi bedhead brunette shampoo and conditioner sulphate as sodium chloride free, also dumb blonde is too! X
  12. Lolly22
    There's a loreal one too. I used it when my hair was red, i can't remember the name but it's in a see through pink bottle and the shampoo is clear. I know it's sulfate free. It don't know about sodium. Maybe you could look on their website for the name.

    Im not a hair geek but thought this might be another one to add I your list.
  13. Perry_Althair
    All of the kitoko shampoos and conditioners are and theyre really nice affordable products :)
    Label.m are too i think
  14. Booty
    Alterna products are free from sulphates and sodium and parabans and the profit margin is great.
  15. soosh
    Sodium Chloride is the one that strips the keratin out.
  16. Teresawisecup
    Moroccan oil brand is sodium and sulfate free. I give that to clients for their Brazilian Blowouts.
  17. candis
    Boots organix brazilian therapy , the Moroccan one and the coconut milk all are sodium chloride free!
    It's a 10 miracle (Sally's)
    Ion straightening shampoo and conditioner
  18. frizzfreehair
    I am mobile and do Nano Keratin System, when i have a treatment booked in i just order the shampoo and conditioner from the distributor i use i include the shampoo and conditioner into the price of the treatment as it important to me to that the clients follow the rules with regard to achieving longevity from the treatment, i feel if you do not supply the aftercare products and only suggest something to the client to buy they might not get round to it and not fully understand the importance of using the correct aftercare.
  19. beckstar!
    2nd that! X
    I've recently bought sodium free from the style ministry web site. Prices are not too bad

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