Sunbeds for pale skin?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Hausofhana, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Hausofhana
    I've got pale skin and don't tan in the sun well. I've got natural light brown hair and my dad is ginger so I've got a bit of the ginger skin!

    Is there anyway I can get a tan on the sunbeds or am I a no hoper? Will any lotions be of any use?

    I've got Calypso bronzing spray and I've ordered Australian Gold. I want a natural looking golden tan, and I'm tired of the work of keeping a spray tan looking decent.

    Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou xo

    Ps. Please no comments about skin cancer, health etc. That's not what I'm here for, thankyou.
  2. Male Waxing
    its hard to get a natural looking tan from sun beds at the best of time but with your skin type it may be even harder. I would do a little but often. Do the minimum you can do on the sun bed (maybe 2.5 mins) every other day for 10 days or so and see how you respond. those creams smell and feel nice but I dont really see how they can make that much difference and I have tried a lot of those types of accelerators. exfoliate before each session and moisturise daily. protect youe eyes.
  3. tina1987
    I'm really pale and have spray tans every week and its hard work! However I'm going away next month so for the last few weeks I've been having sun beds to prepare my skin so I don't burn when I go away and to give me a base tan. Ive been having 4 minutes and just upped it to 5 minute. I have a tan but nothing compared to spray tan but what I've been doing is putting fake town out of the bottle on on a Thursday so I'm browner for the weekend. Sun beds are not an ideal long term solution for me as I have to have so many to get brown and for safety reasons for me it's just not worth it.

    Spray tans weekly is high maintenance but overall it probably takes up the same amount of time in scrubbing etc as it does if I had to go for sun beds 3 times a week

    Good luck in finding what is right for you
  4. skindeep72
    Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I'm a Strawberry Blonde and very pale lol, I do tan but it really takes a long time. At times when I go on hols I find if I use a sunbed then my skin does not burn when abroad and I get a lovely tan. I use the lie down bed, start off with 2.5 mins once a week. If theyre 5 mins then keep an eye on the timer any longer you will get burnt. Do this for a couple of weeks then gradually increase the mins. I would recommend 1 visit once a week anymore then that's up to you. I always put a face block on and cover my face with a towel, Don't like it on my face. As for the creams I don't use any hth:)xx
  5. Danielleesmith
    I used an accelerator cream last year before holiday it was by Pro Tan they do a selection of different accelerators. Many tanning shops sell this make but I got mine from Sally's as it saved quite a few pennies!! It worked well for me I used it every time and went on about 6 or 7 sunbeds ending up using the stand up for the last two. And for once I had a nice natural looking tan for holiday. Good luck
  6. Roxie
    Wow the op sure has changed her tune.

    I dont understand how you called people stupid etc on another sunbed thread for using them and now you are seeking advice on them.

    Why do you want to use them now, after you had said you wont as family members had skin cancer etc. Why change your mind? Whats influenced your decision to now use them?
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  7. Hausofhana
    I would say probably because my vanity has overridden my common sense. My overall desire to look good is slightly more important than health risks at this time in my life, I'm 19 and short sighted. I still think there is a strong link between sunbeds and skin cancer. Hey, at least I'm honest. :)

    Thanks for all the ACTUAL advice guys. It's nice when people use this site for its intended purpose instead of taking the time to rake through posts from many months ago to prove a point.

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  8. Hausofhana
    I went on for 6 mins yesterday, and used Caypso bronzing oil and used Piz Buin after sun when I came off. This morning, I noticed a TINY tan line where my pants were, this has got to be a good sign right? x
  9. Lolly22
    You are right to be worried about skin cancer. I have pale skin, never tan ever. However when I was younger I used the sunbeds a few time and just last November I had to get skin cancer removed from my forehead on my hairline and have a skin graft. Now I'm left with a scar the size of a 10p that will take about a year to look normal. I'm lucky it's where it was as its easily hidden by my hair but it could have just as easily been on my cheek. I would post a photo but the worst one might make people a big quesy lol!

    I'm not judging anyone but just letting you know that it can happen and it's very traumatic. Especially when it's on your face. Be careful and look for changes if you do. :)
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  10. Mommabear
    I work in a sunbed shop but doing beauty and nails.....first of all yes over abusing sunbeds can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer....BUT sunbeds arent the only cause of skin cancer.....NATURAL SUN is also a cause, not using high factor suncream when out in the sun, we dont know the strength of the rays ..Did you know that an hour outside on a nice hot day with no suncream on is WORSE than doing 6minutes on a sunbed thats uv ouput is CONTROLLED !We ALWAYS give our customers a little tub of cream to put on be4 they go on a sunbed so they are ALWAYS protected. In 2009 there was a recommended UV Ouput for sunbeds....our salon does abides by these recommendations (i wish they would make it law as not all sunbed shops use the recomendation) anyway.........although we are the most expensive sunbed shop in our area for sunbeds......we ALWAYS advise our customers not to over do it......we decline people who are coming in for there 2nd sunbed of the day as that is TOO Much, and ID people who look under 18. If you use sunbeds sensibly and ask advice on whats best for your skin type. Ask ur sunbed shop if they abide by the recomendation for uv output and ALWAYS were a cream, as u have fair skin is best to start of with 3minutes 1/2 times a week, u dont want to frazzle ur skin by doing too much, once uve done a week or two maybe up the minutes to 6 and so on, keeping an eye on ur skin it may take a while but patience is a virtue :-D one last thing.....a few sunbeds herevan there can b good for ur skin it increases the beta keratin in ur skin which makes u go brown :-D xx
  11. Mommabear
    Putting a towel over your face wont do nothing hun, the uv rays can get through xx
  12. Roxie
    I only quoted you as this thread made me interested in reading other sunbed threads and found what you had written and quoted you on it as i wanted to know why you had changed your mind.

    You dont really need advice as to whether to use sunebds or not because as you said you are vain. so will use them regardless to renders this thread useless.
  13. Hausofhana
    Oh dear.

    If you actually read my original post, I wasn't trying to start a debate about cancer, or ask if I should use the beds or not. I was asking for advice in how to maximise tanning on my pale tan resistant skin.


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  14. Hausofhana

    That's so horrible, I'm really sorry to hear that. I know I am taking that risk, having worked with older ladies who have had a melanoma from the natural sun and never been on a bed in their life.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it has made me think about things, especially not to overdo indoor tanning and not get addicted!

  15. Roxie
    I did read your original post but as you say your skin is pale tan resistant. The skin type that shouldnt use sunbeds. Thats my advice to you. :p

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  16. Lolly22
    I'm glad you took that well, like I says I'm not trying to be judgemental just to maybe make you think twice.

    I'm 23 and I was 22 when they realised what it was but I had probably had it for about 4 years so maybe from when I was 18. But it wasn't a mole and it just came from nowhere so I didn't think it was cancer. I did visit a gp and she says not to worry bout it, it was nothing. It wasn't melanoma but a different kind and is very unlikely to spread but it's not that part I was worried about, it's the scar that I've been left with that I don't like. But we live and learn don't we :). Just be vigilant with any new spots or marks showing up. X
  17. jimjamjarz
    This isn't a very nice comment, I'm not getting involved but I've read too many threads recently where people get their backs up and start being horrible to eachother on here, it wasn't the best thing to do to haul up old posts its every persons own decision to do what they choose to do to their body and it's the OP's choice to use sunbeds. I too don't like sunbeds for cancer reason ect however I know that I have a wedding coming up soon so I will use them for an occasion even though I say how horrible they are I still think they are good for an occasion just not to get addicted to haha x

    To the OP- I don't really know a lot about sunbeds so I can't help a lot apart from saying maybe small sessions a few days apart? Xx
  18. Lynne Baker
    [dons flame retardant suit]
    This is a public forum and any of your clients could happen upon it. There are so many threads about how our clients frustrate the life out of us by not following instructions, and then they complain about service breakdown.
    I know you're not interested in skin cancer; you've openly admitted it. But that admission sends a dreadful message to your clients. It says "yeah, I know Ireally ought to follow the instructions but hey, I'm young, naiive, shortsighted and daft, and I don't care about dangers and risks, so bite me!"
    How are they supposed to take anything you say seriously?
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  19. Noodle
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    Reply to others how you would like them to reply to you
    This is possibly THE most important of all commandments here. We have a low tolerance for members who show disrespect to others (even if the disrespect is somehow warranted). Rude and thoughtless posts are the fastest way to make you look like a right ass in front of the world. Its also a quick way to find yourself on the wrong side of a ban. If you can't say it nicely, go Facebook it.

    Back on topic please.

  20. skindeep72
    I know but just prefer it this way. I don't like the light shining on my face. I had used the eye protectors in the past but had to squish my face up so they didnt fall off lol hence the towel & sunblock:)xx

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