sunbronze tan solution?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by mazmaz, May 4, 2010.

  1. mazmaz
    hi all i have been looking at sunbronze tan solution and was wondering if any of you try it? and if any of have have opinions on the product?

    thanks maz x
  2. tanfabeasy
    Hi Maz, is this the trade name or a range name as I havent come across that product?
  3. mazmaz
    i seen this on ebay sunbronze is the name of the product,has lots of diffrent shades so thought i maight give them a try? x
    I have just seen it on ebay,£23 a litre?lolI wouldnt touch it personally I would stick to the brands people know and that have offices you can speak to people,
    I even googled it and nothing came up be careful with buying solution on ebay you never know what the shelf life is like on them its so easy to repackage solutions,
    If your looking for a cheaper Tan my friend swears by LaTan for there great deals I on the other hand dont use La I much prefer Tandare (Tantricks) If you dont want to part with alot of moneyt in the begining for stock this is great!
    you buy 1 bottel and the tandare tan booster drops and you can make the tan darker or keep it the same for diffrent people

    HTH ;)

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