Svelte Suede Vinylux?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ch-ela, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. ch-ela
    I have bought this colour which has proved to be quite popular, but I have noticed two other colours that look similar. Powder my Nose and Impossibly Plush.

    Can anyone that has all of these colours tell me firstly, how similar are they and would it make sense to buy them both too and secondly, is there any sparkle or frosting in these colours or are they cream like Svelte Suede?
    I have started layering Svelte Suede with Grapefruit sparkle but would rather have a frosted polish already mixed.

    If anyone has any swatches, that would be great.

  2. depths
    I was at the supply store yesterday and was looking at impossibly plush actually, it does have a nice shimmer to it. The other colors I didn't look at sorry

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  3. ch-ela
    Thanks Depths.

    Does anyone else have all/some of these colours and can offer some advice, please?
  4. BellaD
    I have all of them and love impossibly plush. It's the only one of the three that has a little shimmer to it. It is a beautiful neutral and my clients (and me) are addicted to it. I like grapefruit sparkle over it to to give it just a bit more sparkle as well. Hope that helps!!
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  5. ch-ela
    Thanks Bella. Is it the same tone as Svelte Suede or is it warmer?
  6. TeddysMom
    I love svelte suede best of the three. Impossibly plush is warm in tone with a slight shimmer where svelte suede is matte creme and cool in tone (to my eyes at least) ;) and Powder my Nose is the palest and sheerest IMO :) I believe Powder my Nose is being released in Shellac next year....
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  7. ch-ela
    Thanks Teddysmom. So, do you think that Impossibly plush would be a good choice for my clients that like SS, but would like it just a little less flat? I usually put a coat of grapefruit sparkle over but this is just a bit more sparkle than I'd like.
  8. TeddysMom
    I think so yes :) Plus IP is warm whereas SS is cool so having both will ensure you have something for both warm and cool skin tones :Love:
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  9. ch-ela
    That's great, thank you for your help.

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