Swollen top lip after waxing

Discussion in 'Skin' started by HsarahH, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. HsarahH
    Oh my goodness! I always wax my own eyebrows with warm wax. I get a red erythema but it dies down over night.

    Tonight I decided to get rid of the top lip hair that I seem to notice more and more often! So, i after my eyebrows I applied the wax, not too hot, and removed it. It hurt a lot more than I expected but I applied my after wax lotion and expected it to ease off....oh no. I looked in the mirror and found that slowly more and more pale blister type areas were appearing (but not blisters if that makes sense?!). And as I type this I have a very red patch going all the way across above my lip, under my nose, filled with white raised lumps and a rock hard, purple, swollen top lip!

    I pulled the skin taught, used pre and post lotion and the wax was def not too hot...what did i do? And please reassure me that this will resolve by morning! I have never had this happen to a client before than goodness....knew i should have tried hot wax on the face tonight!

  2. HsarahH
    On a positive note...it is as smooth as a babies bum now!!!
  3. Scottish_girl
    my top lip always swells after a upper lip wax and the redness, wow its quite noticable! my swelling usually goes down within a few hours tho. I detest an upper lip wax, think its the sorest place to be waxed on your body!
  4. jacquelineanna
    Some clients always come up with white bumps which go away within a couple of hours.

    One of my clients likes having her lip waxed as it gives her that 'bee sting' look that celebrities get from over using fillers.

    Some redness can take 24 hours to go down.

    Not sure about the rock hard purple bit though.

    I agree that the top lip is indeed the part of the body that stings the most and you never get used to it. But you have got to do it. Bleached hair on the top lip is no more attractive and it is still hair on your top lip lol.

    Jacqui xx
  5. HsarahH
    Thanks girls. It has eased off compared to past night! My actual lip is fine now, i think the hard purple bit was just such a high volume of blood in the area as it looked simillar to a blood blister. No white areas, but it is still red and VERY sensative! Not something I will do again in a hurry, but indeed something that is required! I may have to pay someone else to do that for me though! Give me a hollywood over an upperlip wax anyday!
  6. Kim Lawless
    Try applying nappy rash cream and/or take a anti-histermine.
  7. HsarahH
    Thanks kim. I considered sudocrem but couldn't face the thought of something that thick on it. I think an antihistamine would have been ideal though as the white spots were itchy and it was almost as if you could see the histamine flooding to the area! Will have some ready next time!
  8. andrea27
    I used to get white spots when I first started waxing my upper lip. Luckily I don't get them anymore. However, the area goes extremely red after I wax it. I always do it just before bedtime so the redness goes away overnight.
  9. jacqueline
    One of my friends looks like a duckbill platypus when she has hers done but it takes about 2 days to die down, poor soul!
  10. HsarahH
    Yup... that sounds very simillar to me on the night of the treatment! Its only just died down! But i do seem to have a few little millia spots there now. :rolleyes:

    AND the worst of it is, now that the swelling has gone ive noticed that i missed the worst hairs at the sides! Certainly off to pay someone else to do it next time! Silly cheepskate that I am!

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