Tape-in hair extensions reviews

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Shingleberry, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Shingleberry
    Hi geeks, has any1 used the tape-in hair extentions? If you have any info on them could u plz let me no! Thanks
  2. lancashirelass
    I wore them for years and that years ago. I found them excellent but I used profiles tape for mine. Some people find they slip
  3. Popart
    Hey Shingleberry! Welcome to salon geek!!

    I am so interested in these have heard a lot about them! Does anyone know recommended prices for these?:green:
  4. blondielocks
    Hi! I love tape hair extensions and spend my life researching them! I'm currently trained in rapture tape hair extensions which are good quality but because there human hair I find they snap quite easily so lose the length quote quickly! I'm currently trying out Rapunzel of Sweden tape ones, seem ok but not as good as rapture but a lot cheaper!

    I've even before ordered the mega cheap ones of eBay! Which I do not recommend!

    Next I want to use additional lengths ones!

    Please let me know how u get on!
  5. theextensionist
    I love tape and really want to work more with it. I find they work really well for bridal, even updos. So great as they only take about an hour to apply a full head. I used to have them for 2 years before I switched to bonded ones but I think I might try it again as I havnt had it for 3 years now. They were great for my hair as I have fine hair and could get a lot of hair in.

    I currently work with a lot of theatre productions, dance groups and shoots etc where I use tape extensions. Not many people know about them or do them anymore, everyone that sees me do it finds it so clever. The skin ones you can barely see. I don't apply them the normal way though I do it slightly different to ensure they don't slip and stay in. Can sometimes be hard with dancers but I just check up on then regularly. They are great for people who just want to try it a little while or for special occasions, weddings etc when not in for too long as if you sweat and shower a lot they only last 3 weeks but it's so easy to reposition them anyway. I love using them for updos and photoshoots.
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  7. donna hair
    How long do these last i was thinking of training in how to do these.

    Who do you think is the best supplier of them?

    Even if i don't offer them to clients i like to train in as many methods as possible to get as much info on each type of extensions.
  8. theextensionist
    It really depends. Usually about a month but as I said repositioning is so easy takes like under 30 min depending on how big you make the sections.

    But when I do for brides who go on honeymoon and shower and bathe a lot they loosen after like 2 weeks sometimes but usually not many of them and I show them how to fix this themselves with a special adhesive if I'm not there to help.

    I also do this for the national ballet and for them I have to check up on more often as they sweat a lot and shower so it is harder. But it is really great for this to add full and volume to hairstyles so this is what I mostly use it for. I has them in my hair for a long time.an I really liked it but I think clients are put off with the fact you have to do Maintenence so often.
  9. blondielocks
    I only tighten my clients tape extensions every 6 or 8 weeks and they never slip!, it's so quick to tighten clients don't mind as u don't have to charge a lot for doing it which means they can have it done more often!

    I've just had a brand new set of rapture tape hair in and absoloutly love them it surprises me that u can't find much information online about the tape extensions but loads about micro ring etc which I personally don't like!

    Would love to see more brands bringing out tape versions!
  10. theextensionist
    Yeah they can last 6 weeks with correct aftercare, but as I said if someone works out a lot and swim or are on holiday they don't last as long. But when I put in smaller sections they last longer. But yeah maybe I worded it wrong they don't slip they lift more so to speak. Yeah I am surprised not many companies in the uk sell them there is only a few.
  11. siobrennan
    hi there i had a little training in these at college...... and am now thinking of doing the rapture course because they look awesome and i know a lot of girls that would defo have these due to the lower initial payment compared to bonded :)
    when you say 30mins to re-do them, is that after removing and washing or do you re apply straight away?
    thanks :)
  12. theextensionist
    No I would take out and wash. But just to take out wash and put in takes 30 min for half head an hour for full head. It's so easy.
  13. siobrennan
    fab thankyou! do you ever use a regular weft to do this or skin weft only? iv seen people advertising regular weft attached with the tape but not sure if thats right or not?
  14. blondielocks
    The rapture training is pretty straight forward I wouldn't call it 'training' as such, the thing is its such a easy method not a lot of effort has to be put in to it! It's just rapture don't let u purchase the hair without doing the training! I do like there hair but it's so delicate I use all the proper after care products and instructions but it's till gets very thin and breaks a lot! Which is annoying after paying a lot for the hair!

    I couldn't imagin using a weft to do this application as it would be to heavy and thick for the tape to handle, but I could be wrong?!
  15. siobrennan
    i did think that aswell but i had seen a few people (not on here!!) advertising it and rapunzel of sweden say their wefts are suitable for sewing glue and tape?! might try it myself and if it doesnt hold just sew some clips on it instead.
    the rapture application looks like exactly the same application as i was shown, but it was kindof an add on thing so will need to check if id be insured for it x
  16. nicolaluise
    Balmain do tape too, don't they? Im interested in them but wasn't sure on they'd be like. Can you wash your hair normally whilst wearing tape in?
  17. blondielocks
    Yes just wash it completely normally I always use the proper shampoo as found when I use others they will slip I.e of the shampoo is too moisturising! And always use a tangle teaser to brush them!
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  18. mephill
    My apprentice has tape extensions however she found that they slipped and didn't stay in long. That was until she started using double sided tape from the hardware store, now they don't budge. No idea how she uses it or what brand it is, he boyfriend puts them in for her.
  19. Arissa Beauty
    Hi I'm thinking on tape ins

    I've read that people have done their own hardware store diy ..any chance of asking your apprentice please . thanks
  20. Noodle
    Staff Member
    Unfortunately, the poster you've quoted has been absent from Salon Geek since early last year, and this thread was last posted to in 2012.

    If you still need help with your question, you may prefer to create a new thread instead?

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