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Discussion in 'Nail' started by honeybee83, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. honeybee83
    Hi Geeks

    I am asking you to let me know what your BEST, tried and true method/product for getting rid of the thick, dead skin on the heels of my feet!! I use a loofah, and solar butter for my heels, and they look good for a day, but within a few they are rough again, so please tell me your best, thanks :)
  2. blossom
    I soak 'em and then use this heavy duty thing called Mr Pumice (it's purple, I think there are other colours but they are softer), it will build up again over time but used regularly it keeps it down. And vaseline under socks sometimes at night (how attractive!)
  3. thenailista
  4. VHunter
    I know how everyone rolls their eyes at Avon :lol: I used to do it too.

    But I tried one of their products recently, just for fun.
    well well well, I'm sold.
    As a mum, I don't have time to fuss and fart and give myself pedicures.
    My shower consists of: soap my parts, shampoo, condition, shave, rinse and get out. No time for scrubbing the tootsies with a pumice or whatever. Who knows what my little evils will get into while I'm lathered up. No luxury showers or bath soaks for me. Get the job done, and get back to life.

    Avon 'Foot works" line has a product called 'Therapeutic liquid corn and callus remover".
    Put put it on the callus every day for 14days. Takes a few seconds. Then the callus literally starts peeling off in big pieces. Just starts peeling off at around 3 or 4 days.
    Feet have stayed smooth for 4mths.
    Baby-bottom smooth.
    I got it on sale for 4.99$. I figured, cheap enough, I'd try it.:lol:

    If you dont' like that, then I've also used 'Callus eliminator' by pro-linc. Pro product. Soak feet. Apply it and let sit on the callus areas for a few minutes, then use a foot file or other to scrape away. Rinse. After a few treatments... smooth feet. I also like anything with shea butter for rough skin. Awesome stuff.

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  5. honeybee83
    Both sound so good i dont know which to try first! I love that the avon product kept feet smooth for 4mnths, that is amazing, do you know if you can buy online?
  6. VHunter
    Obviously you don't want client's to know about this stuff. Bad for business LOL

    But, great for personal use. Now, I'm talking winter months... always in socks, never barefoot (summer is rougher on feet). But still.... 4mths? Can't lose.

    I know in canada and the us, you can buy online. I dont know about the UK. You can google and see? At the very least, if they have a UK site, it should be able to hook you up with a representative near you?

  7. Shira
    I have had GREAT results with 'Callus eliminator' . The also make something just for heels.
  8. Sassy Hassy
    I can't recommend a product from personal experience as I don't really suffer from hard skin. I know people swear by Cucumber Heel therapy and I like the Schrunden Balsam ( can't think of the English name!) by LCN. Whatever you use though you HAVE to use it twice a day, or at the very least apply it every night.

    You could visit a podiatrist who will remove it for you, and then start from scratch with applying lotions and it won't then come back.
  9. tori23
    i soak my feet use the marine salt blue scrub by creative then a foot file by opi which is pretty heavy duty and well worth it if i have bad skin around the heels i use creatives cucumber heel therapy but be careful - if u put it on and have laminate flooring or such then u can slip all over!!

    tori xx
  10. talented talons
    I use body shops Hemp for feet, it is a strong deep therapy moisteriser that is great to keep feet smooth and baby soft. You do need to apply it at least every other night to keep it up.

    Wearing tights or pop socks will always make you feet dry so this is another thing which will irritate already dry feet. Plus i sometimes use my cuticle oil on my toes and rub the excess into my heels, this also helps.
  11. VHunter
    See, that's why I loved the avon thingy. For only 2wks, 5min a day (to apply and let it dry before putting socks on), I had to bother with my feet. Once done....then I could forget about my clod-hoppers for which I don't have the time for daily fussing.
    It's been since ummm early September? Now it's February and I'm starting to think I need to do it again soon. 4mths of no fussing.
    Gotta luv that.

    BUT of course, prevention is best IF you have time for that daily.
  12. talented talons
    I agree victoria, i have to say i do forget to do mine regularly, but then my feet aren't dry. Your method is far easier to deal with.:)

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