The difference between Shellac and gelish and other gel polish

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Emmalouisenails, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Emmalouisenails
    I have many customer that love shellac, and honestly it's my favorite service to do because my customers love it so much. I wanted to know if there is much difference between shellac and other gel polishes? :D I use only cnd products, but interested on the quality of other products. :lol:
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  2. geeg
    There is one big difference ... Shellac is not a gel and the others are.

    The difference to your natural nail clients is that with Shellac there is no PREP of the natural nail, no etching and no buffing .. just Scrub Fresh.
    With gels you are told to prep as if for enhancements ... my natural nail clients do not want any part of that. they do not want their natural nails touched by a buffer or a file.

    Shellac is easier and quicker to apply. JUST Like polish. Easier to remove. No filing!

    Shellac is hypoallergenic and 3 free too ... no gel can claim this.

    Lasting ability (2-3 weeks) is the same with both. I LIKE easy and quick and no messing about in between. JUST like polish, suits me and my clients fine. If I had wanted a thin coloured gel, I had that years ago with Brisa from CND. Shellac is totally different.

    Want to understand the science behind Shellac? Go to the articles forum here on the site and read about it.
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    Lasting ability on every single lady I've got it on is 4 weeks. ( fair old regrowth but that's totally chip free and still shiney honestly) I love it because it is so 'thin' exactly like polish. I do coloured gels too but there's a firm demand for shellac with my peeps, so excited to see all the new colours too !
  4. Emmalouisenails
    Thanks Gigi

    I wasn't aware that the gel polish requires PREP. I wouldn't want to use it after knowing that. The fact that you don't have to remove shine and it last for so long is the a huge reason why my customers love it so much.

    Thanks again.
  5. MissOwen
    I think many many techs using the gel polishes skip the buffing of the natural nail without any problems with the lasting of the product, me included.

    But if you and your clients are all happy with Shellac...... as they say 'if it aint broke dont fix it' :green: and with new colours coming soon i should think your clients will be even happier :hug:
  6. NailsbySarah1
    Just thought I would let you know that Creative are having an OPEN day and have all sort of offers, displays, companies inc sienna x and nouvaux lashes + they have shellac experts who can answer all questions and will be doing demonstrations! The new Rockstar nails will be their, oh and the new shellac colours will be available! So excited!

    6th March 12 -5 at Creative in Manchester! Xxxxx
  7. Emmalouisenails
    Thank. I have launch of the shellac new colours booked in my calendar for my area. I can't wait. I live in Australia so the open day might be a bit of a stretch.
  8. NailsbySarah1
    Ha ha I'm sure they will take plenty of pics and put them on the cnd facebook page! I am so excited!
  9. VHunter
    While I do NOT advise letting Shellac go this long and I know it doesn't look great........
    This one lasted AAGES. My client works at an electronic's store and has to move stock sometimes and some large boxes.. so she's in the storage area a great deal.
    Anyhow... this is how long Shellac CAN last. The two 'stained' fingers is because she tried to use 'non-acetone' remover from the pharmacy to get it off LOL


    As for the other products similar to Shellac (but not the same);
    I've tried several brands so far (although, haven't tried gelish or gelez so can't comment on those).
    My findings have been that they are either one or all of the following:
    A) thicker and LOOK thicker on the nail more like an NNO of gel
    B) they don't last as long
    C) they require buffing before and after
    D) the colours are 'streaky'
    E) they don't have the same mirror-shine.

    So, for my money, I'm sticking with Shellac for now. As much as it's a pain in the butt for me to get my hands on because my usual Distributor doesn't carry it, the satisfaction of my clients makes it worth the aggravation.
  10. geeg
    Hi Emma,

    I have actually got a hold of a full set of the new colours and am (with permission from the 'boys' in Oz) bringing them out with me to do a Shellac Attack on all the secretary birds in a large (huge actually) office building in Sydney next week. Very excited to do this and ALL the money from the girls is being doubled by the company and is going ... (every last cent of it) ... to the Queensland relief fund. I'm really looking forward to it. My daughter in law and I will be Shellacking for 5 hours together. :green:
  11. nikkisbeauty
    Wow that's some serious growth !!!

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