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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Sarah1993, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Sarah1993
    Hi has anyone tried the gel
    Bottle builder gel? If so what do you think? :) x
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  2. Beautiful-you
    I hope you don't mind me jumping in but I would also be interested to hear people's views on the BIAB. Especially how well it performs under different brands of gel polish (i.e., Cuccio and Ink).
  3. Trinity
    Use the search option there are lots of threads about The Gel Bottle brand
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  4. Beautiful-you
    I've been following the threads about TGB for a while (in fact that's where I originally heard about the company) and I also follow the Facebook group but I've been unable to get very much information about only using the BIAB as I have decided I don't really want to use their gel polish as I'm happy with what I'm currently using, but am keen to find an easy to use, easy to remove, hard wearing hard gel as most my clients have a gel overlay over natural nails - although I would want to use it for extensions too. I keep hearing wonderful reviews about it, but mainly from techs using the whole TGB system, so it would be good to hear from anyone who just uses the BIAB.
  5. Trinity
    I have no idea what BIAB is so that might explain why you're not getting any responses
  6. Beautiful-you
    It's short for Builder in a Bottle, but everyone refers to it as BIAB. It appears to be their star product though so anyone familiar with The Gel Bottle will hopefully know what it is. I suppose I could bite the bullet and just order a bottle to try but I always try to do plenty of research before potentially wasting money on a new product that might not live up to expectations, hence hoping for some feedback here.
  7. Trinity
    Might be worth starting a new thread specifically for your question rather than latching on to an existing one. If you still don't get any response then it's a pretty strong indicator it's probably not popular.
  8. beckee Unqualified
    Ive used the BIAB for both extensions and overlays. I really like it and find it easy to use. For me personally i find it is better to use thinner layers as it can run a bit. It took me a couple of tries to get used to it. Ive used it on a few clients who have had great results with it. It has lasted quite a while without any lifting! I have been using this while i get my acrylic application down as i struggle with that. To me personally it has been a great investment. Hope this helps :)
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  9. Kelz79
    I use BIAB it's amazing. I've never been able to grow my own Nails until I found this and so many of my ladies are coming back having to have length reduced each time with overlays x
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  10. Stook
    I’ve used BIAB for 6 months now. I originally started using it to build up the odd nail but also use it for overlays. I have no affiliation to the company but the product is fantastic.

    My clients love the strength. It does not peel or lift. It’s thin and lightweight yet strong. The colour range over it is fabulous and well pigmented. In my opinion the only thing that lets it down is the topcoat. It’s not strong enough so I use an alternative brand but i highly recommend all the other products in the range.
  11. tinkerbell80
    Which top coat do you use Stook?
  12. Stook
    I use the Gel II topcoat. They’re both pure gels so work well together. I don’t like mixing brands and swerve away from it whenever possible but this has been very successful
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  13. tinkerbell80
    Thanks for the reply Stook!
  14. brapip
    TGB BIAB is good and I’ve been using for quite a while. But now the company is expanding rapidly their stock levels are always out and their customer service is rude esp if you have a problem. I just experienced wrongly labelled product which caused me horrific problems and refunds!

    Regards BIAB you need to use it thinly and base coat before you use a colour gel. Otherwise I have found that some colours fade with it. They do t re on end using different gel brands with it. Again TGB was of no help and I had to Fathom the answer for myself.

    I think their are definitely other companies that would be better whilst TGB sort themselves out x
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  15. Beautiful-you
    Very helpful reply :)
  16. Sarah1993
    Thanks everyone very helpful! I have decided to give it a go and ordered a bottle so hopefully it is successful!!
  17. RosannaS
    It's amazing. I've got rid of all of my other hard gels and just use the builder in a bottle now. As long as you're using the correct lamp (they told me you need a 48 watt) it's great!!

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