The Straw/Curly/or Spiral Nail

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  1. Nafia
    To start with you will need to have the following items:
    1. A plastic disposable drinking straw
    2. A nail form (your preference) * this if you choose to sculpt.*
    You can also use a tip and in some cases don't
    need any thing these are all options.
    3. start to apply the acrylic around the straw make sure that you first
    bead is very thin (you don't want your attach piece to be thick because
    the nail will be bulky).
    4. After you have Sculpted around the straw and have your basic shape
    pinch the straw and remove the curl.
    5. Once you have your curl off the straw then examine it and fill the spot
    that are uneven. This way your nail is smooth and even.
    6. You're done with the curl


    7. You should have done all the prep work already for your nails.
    8. Flip the curl over to the under side at the base file straight across and on
    top id necessary if it is thick.
    9. Shape your curl and remove all ruff edges.

    ****************This is were it gets tricky******************
    10. Start to sculpt lay a Small bead of acrylic on the underside of your curl
    and press to the the nail and continue to sculpt your nail to attach the 2
    pieces to make look as one.
    11. If you use a tip it is the same process.
    12. If it is on natural nail (your are not lengthening) apply a thin layer of acrylic
    flip curl over add a small bead to underside of the curl and press it to the
    nail. and then continue sculpting.

    Happy curlling

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  2. Danger Mouse
    Ooh, thanks for that will have to have a go when I get a chance, what else you got up your sleeve??? :)
  3. Nafia
    aqua nails
  4. nail2heart
    Thanks Nafia i will be practicing today.

    Florentina Alxander
    Nails At Last:)
  5. Danger Mouse
  6. Nafia
    you will be surprised. *(there is is a finished nail pic of the straw nail in my gallery)*
  7. Danger Mouse
    ok ok I'll wait lol
  8. paulette
    Great tutorial Nafia, thanks, looks a tad tricky for me tho...but you never know I may try it out!!
  9. Snugglepuss
    me too - but I think the tutorial is fab - thanks for sharing - now aqua nails - when will be suprised?????:hug:
  10. latin
    thanks for sharing is very fab.I thought it was harder than this, i will give it a try.
  11. Nafia
    no about the same
  12. ariaaland
    hi nafia thanks for the tut i dont mean to be terribly slow but i am so could you please if possible do more step by step photos at diff angles so i can see and understand more clearly also pics of how to attach the straw nail to the actual nail itself.. sorry to be so dense but i like to be sure of what i am doing and more pics would really help...pretty please:hug: thank you:)
  13. Nafia
    look at picture 6 you will flip your spirl nail over and on the babck side then add a bead of acrylic and press to nail remember you have already done all prep work and this enable your nail to adhere then continue sculpting ovr til you for that nail.
  14. talontastic
    Thanks for this tutorial. Fab

  15. Nafia
    thank you all for kind comment i was really nervous about this tutorial
  16. CadenceAlex
    what is a spiral nail used for?
  17. ariaaland
    okay i wil try one and let you know
  18. Ms.Matrix
    You go girl!!! I will have to find a willing muster up some bravery!! :lol:
  19. Nailnut
    I must say am in shock i have been wating to know how is this done and omg thank you so very mutch!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder if yacan do a flower i meen the dry flower under the acrilic ? and also are there any nail art tutorial like for say how to make rose petals and so and if am asking to mutch sorry to mutch hunger for nail art thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i love you for what you're doing......:):hug:
  20. foryouiwill
    amazing..........gtg practice now!!

    Man, you're awesome

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