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Discussion in 'Nail' started by NailsFrmHeaven, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. NailsFrmHeaven
    Hiya guys,
    my mum wanted her nails doing today just a tidy etc but her cuticles are soooo thick . i applied creative cuticle remover but it just wasnt touching them. They are really bad it took me about 1 hr just to get them looking OK! i have told her to use solar oil twice a day to sofen them up . And when i tried to remove them with a orange stick they just started bleeding . Can anyone help me with this one?? many thanks xx:lol:
  2. ValencianNails
    regular manicures will help, as will getting her to use Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil.
    the cuticle eraser will help to gently exfoliate and the solar oil will condition.
    hth's a bit.
  3. jac extreme
    did you leave the cuticle remover to penetrate for a good few mins and also use a proper cuticle tool instead of an orange stick.
  4. Envy
    um... bleeding...?

    cuticle can't bleed, but eponychium (living tissue) can... I think this could actually be a case of overgrown eponychium, this can happen in people who never get manicures, are really unlucky, or bite like a canibal...

    You can only remove the cuticle off the nail plate upto, but not past the eponychium..

    Like Sandi said, a very regular course of Solar Oil and cuticle eraser will help this overgrowth to soften and shrink back naturally over time....
  5. NailsFrmHeaven
    Hiya i tried using a cuticle tool but my mum said it was a bit tender.
    She is a nail biter and it is her skin that is growing over her nail YUK!!
    I left the cuticle remover on for a good 5mins.
    I really want to help her with this as she says it can sometimes be painfull. many thanks xx
  6. ValencianNails
    you need to get her to help you, it has to be 50/50 whether it's a client or our mum.
    if she uses the cuticle eraser and solar oil 'religiously' then she will see a marked improvement, she also needs to stop biting and nibbling at the skin and nails otherwise it won't improve.
  7. NailsFrmHeaven
    Thanks so much , i have told her lol.
    But how often should i tell her to use cuticle eraser? xx:irked:
  8. ValencianNails
    she can use it daily before solar oil, she can apply solar oil as often as possible/necessary.
  9. NailsFrmHeaven
    Thank you soo much, ill keep you posted on how it goes
    lv n hugz xxx

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