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  1. woo87
    Hello i had a client in today for acrylic soak off then a new set applied, file and polish on toes, nail art on big toes and on every finger. I then did her a eyebrow wax and replaced literally 3 lashes she had lost. It took 3 hours all in all it seemed along time and wondered what everyone else timings are??
  2. HWilliams
    Hi hun,

    Depending on state of nails and where they were done originally (NSS) I allow upto 2 hours for Acrylic soak-off and reapply and do it in less than that ususally say 1hr 45

    File and polish on toes, up to 15 mins

    Nail Art on 12 nails... depends on the design. How long is a piece of string?

    Eyebrow wax I do including a bit of tweezing if necessary within 15 mins

    EE just 3 within 15 mins

    That's around 2.5 - 3 hours


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