Treatment for blemished skin or rosecea

Discussion in 'Skin' started by LaurenSparkles, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. LaurenSparkles
    Hi geeks

    I'm getting really down at the moment :( I have naturally terrible red blemished skin. I have had it always but it seems to be getting worse (or because I'm more aware of it now) but iv been scowering the Internet and I have no idea what is good & what isn't.

    I don't want a covering powder or foundation as I want to improve the natural skin so I can go make up free on holidays & days off.

    Can anyone recommend anything? Xx
  2. Rubytues
    Hi there, what's your skin care routine?
    I find using a sensitive type cleanser, toner and moisturiser does the trick!

    However you may be better off getting it checked out x
  3. MaisyMouse
    Try the new accumax supplement from the iiaa, same distributed as environ, I have had amazing results with a lot of acne roscea and vulgarise :lol:
  4. LaurenSparkles
    I use Clinique cleanser with a clarisonic daily, however I don't moisturise & never have in 24 years as my skin is that oily my make up wipes off after a few hours xxx
  5. MaisyMouse
    Cover with jane iredale make up, a make up good for your skin
  6. MaisyMouse
    You should always moisturise even if your skin is oily but with the right moisturiser
  7. tracymileham
    Try booking a sensitivity facial from Dermalogica there products are second to none and I have a lady that after one facial her skins sensitivity has gone down after just 2 treatment and she says I have changed her life
  8. Rubytues
    Check your skin type on your cleanser because if you're using a cleanser that's for oily or combination skin, then it could be that what's aggreivating it. x
  9. Puffle
    I'm having the exact same problem (thread further down). Im trying to find the right skin care that is proving difficult but I'm also going to change my make up just as an experiment.

    Have you been to your gp? I got some gel from mine that I apply at night.
  10. Sweetyrex
    Moisturiser! This could be irritating your skin further. It may sound silly but you are not helping to protect our skin without moisturiser so your skin could be producin more oil. Some moisturisers for ouly skin actually help to absorb excess oil. Use an oil free one if you're concerned with oily skin. And switch from Clinique to something very gentle, again this could be an irritation and trying another range may improve the condition. And as someone mentioned get it checked. Acne/spots/breakouts and Rosacea are very different and there are different types of Rosacea! So finding out exactly what the problem is will help you treat it correctly. Assess your diet as well, too much sugar can trigger skin complaints. Try using natural yogurt on our skin too! It smells but it calms the redness right down!
  11. Devonnaydf
    I have acne that has gotten worse in my adult years. The one thing that really works for me is Retin-A. It clears my skin and also helps with dark spots and fine lines. I was tired of trying OTC products as they weren't helping so I saw my dermatologist who prescribed the Retin-A. I also use a cleanser that has 2%salicylic acid and a oil free moisturizer. You must use sunscreen when using any product that contains retinol because it makes your skin sensitive to the sun. I think that is a given anymore, sunscreen seems to be in alot a face creams which is great.

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  12. LaurenSparkles
    Thank you.

    I know I should moisturise and I will start, I have dermalogica products I just never use them (naughty). Xx
  13. Rubytues
    Dermalogica have the ultra calming range x
  14. sprayofsunshine
    Hi I also have redness and read an article in the mail on Sunday about the above product. It costs around £28 for a 15ml product. You use a dropper and fingers to apply. It goes a long way. It worked for me. Good Luck! Ps do a price comparison online.
  15. Sashworth1207
    Dermalogica ultra calming works really well one of my receptionist has rosacia and has stopped medication since using itxxxx
  16. squidgernetball
    What make up are you using? I know you don't want to just cover it, but could any make up be aggravating it? Regarding skincare, Environ products are loaded with vitamin A, and as a previous poster has said, their Accumax supplements have given brilliant results! Please pm me if you would like more info x
  17. gillian w
    I would say you are over cleansing.Are you using the Clinique toners as well.The Clarisonic is probably stimulating oil production as well and if you are not cleaning the heads properly you are spreading bacteria all over your face.I quite like the Clarisonic,but not for every skin condition and not everyday.
    If you strip all your skins natural oils away you will just encourage your skin to produce more oil.You need to moisturise but with the right one.
    I think you need to determine whether you have acne or rosacea.Does your skin get worse in the sun.Does your skin flush after eating certain foods,alcohol.Do you get sore eyes.
    Have you had more stress in your life lately.
    My advice is stop treating your skin so harshly and go to the drs and get a proper diagnosis so at least you know what you ar dealing with.If its rosacea there is an antibiotic cream that may help.
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  18. Andrea85
    I think this info explains a lot about your issue. Which Clinique cleanser is it? The balm is ok, but I would avoid any other cleanser from them.

    Do not use your Clarisonic daily. This could be irritating your skin. I would stop it completely for a while to see if this is having an effect.

    You absolutely must moisturise! Every skin type needs moisture. Just think what your skin goes through every day, especially with your cleansing method. Your skin may be producing excess oil because of the Clarisonic and lack of moisture.

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