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  1. jayt
    Hi Geeks

    Are you all enjoying the weather and the sport on TV? My title said it all im having trouble finding what makes me different from other beauty therapist, how important is it to have a unique selling point? I think very so how disappointing not to? I’m trying hard to think of things that make me unique to do some more marketing, would like your thoughts??:confused:
  2. MissConfused
    i don't think it is that important to have a 'unique selling point' but i do think it is important to always conduct yourself well and give a fabulous (not just a good) treatment. them things i think are far more important than trying to have the latest fashionable celeb treatment/shade of nail polish or some kind of funky chocolate themed salon. x
  3. *sarah*
    I think it depends how much competiton there is hun, I persoanally would say my USP is using only high quality products & offering clients a homecall or salon xx
  4. jo1983
    Since reading this thread Ive been working on my USP's as part of my marketing plan.

    Pamper Me shall market themselves as experts within the beauty industry.

    Professional beauty experts: Each therapist/ nail technician that works for Pamper Me shall be qualified for every treatment that they administer. They will each have an ongoing training plan, which will involve product knowledge training, new treatment training and customer service training. Each therapist will be expected, as part of the job role, to impart as much valuable information to their clients as possible.

    Consultations: Every new client shall have a thorough consultation with a beauty therapist/ nail technician. By asking consultation questions the therapist can determine any concerns that the client may have, and what expectations the client may have of their chosen treatment. The main aim of the consultation is to ensure that the client has chosen the right treatment to get the results that they desire.

    Home care advice: Expert after-care advice shall be given to each and every client to enable them to prolong the effects of their treatment at home. An aftercare leaflet for each treatment will be provided to each client to ensure that they have the correct advice. Each therapist’s aim is to retail to every client; this will obviously increase the salons turnover, and ensure that the client chooses the correct products for their skin/nail type.

    Newsletters: Monthly newsletters shall be emailed to clients every month. These newsletters shall include expert beauty ‘hints & tips’, details of changes within the salon (i.e. new treatments), special offers and up-to-date beauty industry news.

    Website: Pamper Me’s website shall be continually updated with product reviews, beauty ‘hints & tips’ and other such information.

    Excellent Customer Service
    Pamper Me will be a customer focused salon which will be seen to go above and beyond to ensure that each client is treated with the utmost care and attention.

    Experience: The customer experience is very important at Pamper Me. The main aim is to let clients forget about anything outside of the salon (work, family, etc) and to relax and enjoy the salon’s atmosphere.
    Each client shall be greeted, escorted to the waiting area and offered a choice of refreshments and magazines.
    Each treatment room shall have scented oil burners, soothing music and dimmed lighting so that the client can relax. There will be plenty of clean fluffy towels, blankets and pillows available to ensure the comfort of each client.
    All areas of the salon shall remain clean and clutter free at all times, and the client shall have the full focus of the therapist throughout their whole treatment.

    Luxury: Each treatment is designed to indulge the client. For example: cocooning the client with blankets whilst they are having a facial) Every eventuality shall be thought of and avoided before it upsets the client.
    They salon shall be designed and decorated with luxury and opulence in mind (think gold gilt framed mirrors and crystal chandeliers!) The colour scheme, cream, gold & deep purple, shall be carried out through the entire salon ensuring continuity.
    Freshly brewed coffee, speciality teas and individually wrapped luxury biscuits shall be available.
    Excellent quality products shall be used for every treatment to provide amazing results.

    Friendly atmosphere: The client shall experience a friendly atmosphere. All staff shall be approachable and aware of every client. Client contact will be paramount to ensure that they are comfortable.

    Opening hours: The opening hours shall include 3 late nights till 9pm and weekends, this shall ensure that all clients are catered for and can find a suitable time to come and have their treatments.

    Thank You Cards: Every new client shall be sent a handwritten thank you card through the post to thank them for using Pamper Me’s services. Each card shall include a ‘refer a friend’ invitation, permitting the client a discount
    for referring a friend to the salon.

    Continuity: Every client shall be treated the same. Every treatment shall be carried out with the same amount of enthusiasm.

    Feedback: Pamper Me shall offer clients the opportunity to fill out feedback forms, so that we are aware of were we are going right or wrong. Pamper Me shall do their utmost to take any feedback into consideration and ensure that all customer service standards are met.

    On Trend
    Pamper Me shall try to offer the most up-to-date treatments available within the beauty industry to their clients.

    Products: Pamper Me shall try to retail the best products available within the organic and natural beauty market.

    Treatments: The treatment list shall be reviewed every 3 months to see how we can improve it. Through industry trade magazines, exhibitions and feedback forms, Pamper Me will find the most sought after treatments to provide to their clients.

    Environmentally Friendly
    Pamper Me have a duty to the environment, and take their responsibility very seriously.

    Products: Were possible Pamper Me will use natural and organic products, which are free from harmful chemicals and carcinogenics. It is also important that these products are packaged in recycled and biodegradable material.

    Salon: Within the salon we shall use energy saving lightbulbs, air dry towels, recycled paper, etc.

    Community Involvement
    To ensure business success Pamper Me will try to establish themselves within the community, thus bringing more awareness of the salon to the local people.

    Local Suppliers: Where possible Pamper Me shall use local suppliers to provide stock, printing, etc. Not only will this help other local businesses, it may in turn provide new clients. Plus as an added benefit it will lower Pamper Me’s Carbon Footprint.

    Partnerships: Pamper Me will try to establish partnerships with local businesses by offering discounts to: members of local gyms, employees of local businesses, and members of local organisations. Hopefully this type of partnership will increase the number of new clients.

    Charity: Pamper Me will choose a local charity to support. Hopefully this will include fundraising activities that will involve local people.

    What do you think? I hope I havent gone of track!!! lol
  5. hippy-chick
    its very thorough.

    My USP is that I am a holistic therapist, not many of us out there really.
    I also have my finger on the ball and can see what are going to be popular or new treatments often being one of the first in the country to offer the treatments.

    I am also a trainer so can then offer training in the new trends.

    i think what you are stating in your USP is a lot of common sense and more like a employees work contract than anything reminding those that would work for you how you expect them to conduct their treatments, i don't think the public would be particularly interested in reading that unless you condensced it down to one of two sentences (sound bytes).
  6. WaxGirl
    My USP is location, using different brands, creating an environment that is relaxed, friendly, down to earth and genuine and going that extra mile for the customer.
  7. jayt
    I think I may have found mine, I dropped some bits ( sample sachet of body scrub ) to a client who was off on holiday, and she opened the door and said thanks love you give a real personal touch :biggrin:
  8. jo1983
    ha ha! i think you are right! I do go on a bit, just had to put it all down on paper so that I didnt forget anything! lol x

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