Using argan oil before perming

Discussion in 'Hair' started by leia74, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. leia74
    I posted a few weeks ago about using argan oil before colouring and perming to see if anyone had any feedback. Some replies indicated that adding argan oil to hair colour had had a positve effect on the colouring. No one had any idea about using it before perming. I had been planning a perm for a while and I started using argan oil on my hair a few weeks before. It made such a difference to my hair. It felt soft and silky without being oily. Prior to my perm I treated my ends with the argan oil while my hair was wet, my hairdresser wound the perm then applied the lotion. I was really nervous about the outcome, however I couldn't be more happy. My hair still feels soft and silky with no frizz and my curls are really defined. I still use products for curly hair but I feel that ultimately the argan oil has protected my hair from damage.
  2. MorganDazzle

    Wow thats good to know. Im about to start the process of taking myself from bright red to white blonde - i wonder if during the bleach baths/highlights this would help, without compromising the performance of the lifting process... have gotten my hair into fab condition in prep for the process so would hate for all my hard work to be undone!! any input greatly received!!!
  3. hartey
    Thanks for the update!
  4. Roxi
    I regularly use Argan Oil before perms gives great condition doesn't it?

    As for using it with colouring I add a couple of drops to the tint or bleach, so I would definitely use it for bleach bathing.
  5. MorganDazzle
    Brilliant thankyou i will try it! :)
  6. Alex-Lydia
    HI Leia74,

    I remember the thread and discussing the use of Moroccan Oil with you.
    I am really glad it went well for you, and you did an update, thanks for letting us know.



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