Washing hair before a spray tan

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Joannesnails, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Joannesnails
    Hi ladies,

    I think i saw on another thread that you shouldnt wash your hair before having a spray tan. I cannot find the thread again, is this true? as i need to wash my hair this morning but im having a spray tan too xx thanks
  2. Sassy Hassy
    I can´t say I´ve heard of that one and I can´t understand why that would be the case!
  3. oey
    I think what you may have read is that some people have let hair products settle onto their skin after having their hair washed (have seen it with shampoo, products settling onto the skin etc) therefore creating a barrier between the spray tan and the skin itself.

    As long as you have made sure that no products get onto the skin then there shouldnt be any problem why you cant wash your hair. Its the products onto the skin you need to careful of.
  4. Joannesnails
    Ahh thats it! Thank you, thats what i heard but couldnt remember fully what it was.thanks for your help hun x
  5. loubylou
    Easy problem to solve
    get in the shower and wash your hair first,
    then exfoliate your body so it removes any thing that could be on your skin and acting as a barrier,
    then enjoy your spray tan :lol:
  6. sharon h
    Hi I would have thought you would have washed your hair the night before the tan when you shave and exfoliate. do not wash your hair after the tan for at least 6/8 hours or better still the next day if not washing your hair will cause streaking.
  7. pippadoodle
    I would have thought it was ok to wash your hair before a spray tan, just not 6-8 hours after. xx
  8. lotus blossom
    or when youve washed your hair, before blow drying it and using spray products etc, pop on a dressing gown, or get dressed so the products dont settle on your skin!!

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