Water marbling with gel polish

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Nailboutique, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Nailboutique
    Has anyone here try doing water marbling with gel polish?
    If so, pls advise.
    Thank you.
  2. C-C My Nails
    Since gel does not "set" until cured--there is no need for water. Just lay down a thin layer of clear gel on the nail then lay down dots or strips of the colors you want to use and then swirl with a dotting tool or toothpick til you like what you see and cure.
  3. BROOPS100

    I literally apply my first coat of colour gel in the normal way & cure. I then apply the 2nd coat & before it is cured I drop white (or what ever colour I wish to marble with) and swirl it with a dotting tool in the area I want my design - (cocktail stick will do the same job).
    Once Im happy with my marble effect I cure then just finish using my choice of finishing gel :)

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  4. Sher16
    I do the same as above, first coat of shellac - cure - second coat quite thick - dot on different colours, or one colour, i normally use two/three and swirl in three segments using a pin ....

    To make it more watery marble...i just apply smaller dots and swirl more...or more randomly than figures of 8 etc...

    Just practice and youll find what works!

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  5. Jo's Nails
    I have seen it on a vid fron you tube somebody posted it on here about a month ago and I think that nail harmony do it in there gelish design class. I love water marbling and when i saw the vid I didn't think that gelish would spread in the water as well as it did. But it seemed like a waste of product I would be inclined to put four fingers at a time in the bowl. I would also be worried about over exposure to product. I would love to try it but havn't gotten around to it yet. Water marbling has a different effect to dropping polish onto the nail then swirling with a dotting toolxx
  6. Essential Bliss
    These look lovely..will definitely be trying these x

    Essential Bliss Beauty Therapy
  7. Emz-nailz
    Could you do this using shellac?

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  8. Nailboutique
    Thank you all for the advise, I can't wait to try it.
  9. Sher16
    My pic is all shellac.

    Jo- i know water marbling is different but i wouldnt do it with shellac and water as i read on here it simply doesnt work. Dotting colour in to a thick coat of colour and swirling with a pin, is a good substitute I think xx
  10. Jo's Nails
    And it's less messy too lol.xx
  11. mum
    Remember, uncured gel is classed as allergenic. Do you really want to start building up a sensitivity to the product by getting it on the skin regularly? That is why the right lamp is so important so there is a complete cure.

    As someone has already said, it doesn't set until its cured so do your designs on the nail with a brush or a marbelling tool
  12. FlawlessBeauty
    Your nails are absolutely beautiful....stunning! I'll be trying these on my mum on Saturday, haha xx
  13. loza789
    Your nail pictures are gorgeous. I think i'll be inviting my mum and sister round at the weekend for a tester session!
  14. MissLB
    So trying this!!! thanks for the advice girls especially my personal gelish fairy CC!! :)
  15. Sher16
    Thanks :)

    Just to help I have drawn a wee squiggle to show you how I split up the nail for doing it. I use a pin (very lightly, held vertically but be careful) to swirl. I sort or visualise the nail split in three sections and either swirl or do figure of 8 ive drawn a doodle so you can see below.

    Do your first colour coat of shellac, cure, second colour coat do a bit thicker than usual but not so thick that it wrinkles and doesnt cure properly - dot in your colours, one colour at a time, i tend to keep the dots symmetrical - i do my brightest colour first and biggest dots using a dotting tool/cocktail stick - anything u have for dotting - then lightest then finish with the darker - you can overlap the dots too, then take the pin and swirl .....

    Its Trial and error :)

    Have fun xx
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  16. Sher16
    Would help if i attached my very artistic doodles!! Haha ;-)

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  17. dizzypanda
    awesome thanks <3
  18. MissLB
    so having a go with this tonite!! thanku
  19. wendynailedit
    These designs are really beautiful! Did you make the gold glitter by mixing glitter with top coat? Going to have a go! X

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