Waxing course at Capital

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by blossom, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:39 PM.

  1. blossom
    So I've booked my course for a few weeks time and luckily some of my nail/lash clients are already very interested

    My question is, does anyone know what products will be used on the course (provided) and are they any good or if you did yours with the products on your course did you then change brands? X
  2. EdenHinckley
    I did the foundation waxing at capital in Peterborough this week. They use Just Wax' hot wax and their store brand for warm. Can't remember name. Brands we're both ok. Not so impressed with tutor. They use an external training provider. She was outdated and quite rude to learners.
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  3. blossom
    Thank you, glad the products are ok

    Shame you were unlucky with the tutor. It makes so much difference doesnt it. I've been told the one at my local capital is very thorough so fingers crossed

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