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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Tams, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Tams
    Hi All

    Does anyone know of a really good waxing course in the West Midlands? I need to find one asap..

    Thanks in advance

    Tams xxx
  2. Ruth Mills
    I was a model for a waxing course in Kings Norton, Birmingham, last month, which was organised by CLP Training (Beauty By Calandra) - the course I modelled for was taken by Lori Nestore and was very well received - and I think that Axiom (Andy Rouillard) is taking one of their courses next year too - so it sounds like they do have the very best people to take the training :)
  3. Kim Lawless
    I'll be training in the Midlands soon. What are you looking for as I train right from:-

    Absolute Beginners
    Speed Waxing
    Intimate Waxing
    Brow Design

    I run all of these courses for both male and female clients. xxx
  4. Ruth Mills
    Kim's definitely the best too - she would definitely get my vote :)
  5. Katelisa
    I already told you Tams, get in touch with Kim!! :hug:
  6. Ruth Mills
    Aye - and it's great news to hear she will be training in the Midlands soon as well!
  7. Katelisa
    Wonder who will get roped into being models :rolleyes: lol
  8. Ruth Mills
    The usual suspects probably ;)
  9. Tams
    Thanks all I'll deffinitly have a chat with Kim right now!

    Tams xxx
  10. Abigirl234
    Hi Tams

    Hi I'm new on here so aplogises if I'm posting in the wrong place :)

    I'm currently looking for a waxing course in the West Midlands area also. Was just wondering if you found out when Kim was doing the waxing course in our area?

    Thank You for the help


  11. Kim Lawless
    Thanks for asking. It will be during February/March and I'm going to see the venue next week. Please PM me for details. xxx
  12. Exquisite Touch
    id be interested in the midlands course kim
    would be nice to go back home for a while and listen to those that speak like me..... and not look at me as though i got two heads :lol:

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