Waxing during First Trimester of Pregnancy?

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Waxing during Pregnancy in First Trimester?

  1. Yes - I would wax during first trimester

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  2. No - I wouldnt wax during first trimester

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  1. weezie
    I fail to see how pulling hair out of skin can affect a pregnancy in any way! As long as you are hygienic and do not use oils that are contraindicated there will be no problem. The client just needs to follow the aftercare. The only reason for not doing it would be if the client was prone to infected ingrown hairs.
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  2. rebelrebel
    My friend came to be a model for me at college and she told me she was 5 - 6 weeks pregnant, she had a facial, ebt, elt, full leg wax, bikini wax, under arm wax and top lip wax all in the same day, I told our teacher she was 5 - 6 weeks pregnant and she said it was fine to do all treatments.

    Any way she did have a miscarriage:cry: and was told it happened about 5 - 6 weeks into pregnancy, She has not in the slightest way mentioned the treatments she had, she is a nurse and knows how common miscarriages are, but I do ofter think to myself about the treatments and if they were anything to do with it!

    Before I would have thought nothing about waxing during pregnancy,as I can't possibly see how it would cause any damage at all, but after this experience I think I would refrain from doing them at all now during pregnancy:irked: I think it has just un nerved me a little.
  3. Tracey Park
    Yes I would wax during pregnancy. Just like waxing when you are menstruating, being pregnant will leave you more sensitive during and after your wax. As long as your client knows this and is happy to procede then go for it.
  4. Kim Lawless
    I would for sure. Let's face it, a lot of people don't know they're pregnant for several weeks anyway.
  5. weezie
    This is not anything to do with the treatments it is just a coincidence, please don't worry about it. I have many healthy clients who have continued with treatments while pregnant and have healthy babies. :hug:
  6. Trudie9
    im in my first try and i will wax. waxing and beauty treatments doesnt effect pregnancy.
  7. Lori Nestore
    I have waxed from the first week all the way through to the day before delivery. As a beauty therapist there is nothing that we do (or should do) that can have an effect on pregnancy.

    There are theories about different essential oils that are unsafe to use, but the reality is unless someone is either immersing themselves in pure oil for a long time every day, or ingesting large amounts on a daily basis there is no problem with this either.

    There are also (in the states) theories that we shouldn't use galvanic while the moms-to-be trot off to the doctors for ultrasound.
  8. LindaC
    care should always be taken when using essential oils...Lavender essential oil is a known emmenagogue which means it can bring on labour as is rosemary,.marjoram,juniper, frankinscenceroman and German chamomile. This list is only a few of the oils which should be avoided, there are many more. It is important to speak to a qualified Aromatherapist before undertaking the use of any essential oils.


    LindaC xxx
  9. Katelisa
    I was reading a book the other day that reccomended Lavender for pregnancy unless they had suffered previous miscarriage!!

  10. essentia
    In my mind I think it depends on the clients general state of health and well being. The other thing is to be mindful of the clients position especially in later stages of pregnancy so they are not uncomfortable or putting any undue strain on themselves. Miscarriages unfortunately do happen and I guess we always go over why it could of happened but I cannot see if a client is well informed and in good health with stable blood pressure why it cannot be carried out. There is a simiiar thing about having your hair coloured in pregnancy but I carried on having hilights when I had my son as it made me feel better rather than feeling like a huge lump!:)
  11. Terese
    I have a client who is pregnant and I have waxed her all through, she was going to another salon who refused her!!!

    If we had to turn clients away for anything like pregnancy or supurficial medical problems...gee whizzz, noone would have any buisness....

    Interesting poll though, well done Theresa

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