Waxing model needed for 7th Dec - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by TheHavenSpa, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. TheHavenSpa
    Hi all
    I'm branching out into waxing but my original waxing model for the course, can't make the 7th, I'm in a pickle - any ideas ? Ive asked as many people I can think of already ! Thanks
  2. blossom
    Why not give your training provider a call, they may have an idea. In my recent waxing course, it was at capital hair and beauty and although we were working in each other mainly, they were pulling workers off the shop floor for armpit waxes as some of the people on the course had forgotten and shaved! Just a thought
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  3. TheHavenSpa
    Thank you, I've tried that already. Plus the local uni for students . I'm the only one on the course. So totally need a model
  4. Beautiful-you
    Are you on Facebook? When I was at college we all used to post requests on Facebook when we needed models and usually we'd get quite a few takers. You could also ask friends to share your post so it reaches a wider audience?
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  5. blossom
    Wow one to one tuition though! Will be fab! Good luck with finding someone
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  6. Enchanting Beauty
    I’ve messaged you x
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  7. TheHavenSpa
    Hi. Thank you to everyone for their kind suggestions.
    Yes, the school is quite good in that if there is one or two they will still run the course. You just finish a lot earlier.
    If anyone would like to let me practice waxing on them I would be grateful ! I'm in the south east and postcode is in the CT area.
    The course is on 7th and if anyone is available from Monday 11th, or that week maybe ??? !
  8. TheHavenSpa
    Ive just tried the website Salon Guinea Pig as well. !! The model I did manage to get now has a streaming cold ! I've also re asked every one as before & now offers a flat expenses fee too ! & a free treatment of their choice !
    Fingers crossed
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  9. blossom
    Have you managed to get anyone yet?
  10. TheHavenSpa
    Hi Blossom, Ive managed to ge a friends daughter. Her hair may be a little short, fingers crossed !
    If you are available to come this way Friday afternoon or next week and would let me practice on you, I'd be grateful. ! Fingers crossed I pass tomorrow, then straight up to Sally's to buy equipment as there is a VAT free day too.
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  11. blossom
    Aww so pleased you sorted it, was panicking on your behalf lol

    Have a great day, the vat free is fab timing!
  12. TheHavenSpa
    Thank you, that's very mind of you. In the end my model ended up dragging her mum along as she had a surprise day off and leg hairs were longer.
    I passed !!!!
    Thank you for your support it really means a lot. Xxx
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