waxing moles and dipsticks?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Ashleybstarr, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Ashleybstarr
    Hi everyone.
    I have 2 questions about waxing.
    The first is about facial and under-arm moles. If someone has a mole on their upper lip and they want that area waxed, how do you work around it?

    Also do you always use a new wax applicating stick every time you re-dip it in the wax?
    Ive been out of the business for a coulple years and I dont remember.

  2. Sassy Hassy
    I'm sorry it's early on a Saturday and my sense of humour has already kicked in - but I can't say I've ever waxed a dipstick before!!!!!!!! It reminds me of a very popular book here called "eats shoots and leaves" or is it "eats, shoots and leaves"?!!!

    Anyway enough frivolity, I just make sure I don't get wax on the mole! You can apply petroleum jelly over it as well if you are a little nervous about it, so the wax won't adhere to it.

    As for redipping with your spatula, I think it's one of those things you are taught not to do in training ... but in reality in the salon you do do it - although I use the Australian Bodycare tube method and you use a new applicator head per client. Much easier for a messy person like me. although quite a lote more expensive.
  3. honeymummy
    if you have waxed an are that has caused blood spotting, then you throw the spatula away.
    Carrie x
  4. beautynails
    Personally I use a new spatula for each dip, I just buy cheap ones in bulk, so it doesn't make much difference to the service cost. But I think it makes you stand apart from places that do redip. I JUST READ AN ARTICLE THE OTHER DAY ABOUT (sorry accidently bumped the caps lock) how wax pots are a perfect temperature for breeding bacteria.
  5. oey
    There is a thread on here somewhere that I believe from memory states that it is impossible for bacteria to breed in the wax pots. Will see if I can find it but if not if anybody else knows which thred it is then please link it in.

    I am not enough of an expert to know this for a fact, so if there is a copy of the article you have read on the web then please link it in for us all to have a read. Would be really interested to see it.

  6. beautynails
    I believe that's only for paraffin wax. http://www.salongeek.com/nail-geek/7797-parafin-dips-sanitary.html is that what you were thinking of?

    Sorry no I didn't read it on the web, I think it was in the July/August issue of Professional Beauty (Australian edition).

    I know that the AABTh (Australian Association of Beauty Therapists) guidelines say no redipping, & I"m pretty sure ( not positive though) that I read redipping is outlawed in some states.


    I found this thread, haven't read it all yet though. Off to read it properly now.
  7. oey
    Thanks Bernadette - I am still looking to and I wonder if it was just the parafin wax like you say.

    Hopefully, Andy (Axiom) will pick up on this thread and point us in the right direction for this either way.

    x x x
  8. beautynails
  9. Axiom
    It's difficult for me to add anything concrete to what's already been said - opinions differ, even amongst environmental health departments and the medical profession.

    In the UK, Habia recommend replacing the spatula between customers (obviously!), when changing body areas and if blood spotting occurs. Some beauty colleges teach students not to double dip at all, requiring them instead to either use a clean spatula each time or to drizzle wax from one spatula to another (so that the spatula that applies the wax never actually goes back into the pot).

    Some folks feel that the principle is similar to nail polish - that any wax which touches the skin stays there and never makes it back into the pot. I also believe there have never been any documented cases of infections being passed on through a wax pot (even in the good old days when hot wax used to be strained and re-used on the next customer!) although there have been a lot of articles in the UK recently about problems arising as a result of poorly managed aftercare or contra-indications - this is not the same as an infection being passed on through the wax itself, however.

    Until there is something definitive either way, my advice is to follow the requirements of your local health authority and insurance provider or membership organisation, and beyond that work within your comfort zone and that of your clients.

    Personally, I live by the maxim "double-dip until I rip" - i.e. I double-dip unless I'm going over skin that has already been waxed during the same treatment (although even then I occasionally forget, and I guess there's always a possibility of slightly overlapping onto skin that has already had a strip removed). Having said that, I don't double-dip at all when Brazilian waxing or if I trim the hair first and get stray strands of hair on the spatula, but that's my personal comfort zone :)
  10. Ashleybstarr
    Thanks for all the replies, lol, no we don't call it a dipstick here in Canada either, just us girls in esthetics school being cheeky.
    Ive never heard of contamination from wax either and I guess since you clean the are of the skin first it wont kill anyone. Im just excited to go back to work and I want to be prepared. I will keep in mind the suggestion of petrolium jelly on the moles, I havent heard that one before.
    Thanks again!
  11. Ruby

    In my world the Real world I would not EVER double dip I never jhave in 14 years.


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