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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Samuella, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Samuella
    Hi Geeks
    Yesterday I carried out what should have been a full leg & bikini wax on a friend of mine (I am currently studying to complete Level 2 NVQ) after I had completed the fronts of both her legs they became very red, hot etc... I have done her eyebrows several times and they have always been fine, and I carried out temperature checks beforehand both on myself and her to (I was using warm wax) we stopped the treatment and I applied soothing oil to the treated areas and advised her to make a solution of boiled water with salt, chilled to apply herself later.
    She also felt quite a lot of pain during the wax (more then anyone else has seemed to) I was using same technique as always, keeping skin taught, removing parallel to the skin etc, was so upset about this and dont understand why it happened, maybe she has sensitive skin?!?
    Anybody else ever experienced anything like this?? :Scared:
  2. Suzanne1118
    Some redness is normal, everyones skin reacts differently.

    I am curious, did the redness only start when you were finished the fronts of the legs or was it immediate?

    It sound like she is just a little sensitive, this is normal if she is run down, stressed, near her menstrual cycle etc.

    Maybe her legs were already hot? I always tell my clients that 'after wax care' isn't just for aftercare! If she just came from a hot shower and your putting hot wax on her then of course she will go red!

    Bottom line is you done nothing wrong, these things happen. It was NOT an allergic reaction as actual allergic reactions take at least 24 hours to come up!

    However, I would have told her to keep her legs cool for the evening, I wouldn't recommend her to put salt water on them but she will be fine, don't let this affect your confedience :hug:
  3. MissConfused
    i always thought if a reaction was going to take place it would show signs within 24hours, not atleast 24hours - i've never heard that before! i guess you learn something new every day :D though i'm sure the guild states on its website you should have a tint test 24hours before you have the actual treatment... is a waxing reaction different to a tint reaction? :\ i've always thought something that irritated the body would show the same signs eg. red, itchy, lumps/bumps reguardless of what was irritating it? i'll have to make sure i check that out tonight! you can never be too careful with other peoples health.

    are you sure she's def. allergic and like the other poster said she's not just super sensitive? have you tried changing waxes to a more sensitive wax and seeing how she gets on? as for her saying it was sore then everybody is different when it comes to how much pain they can take. when i did my waxing training with Kim Lawless i pulled a strip off completely wrong - i didn't do a quick sharp pull i pulled slowly and away from the skin and it really hurt the model (as you can imagine!) are you sure you're pulling the wax strips off correctly? maybe you could have your teacher watch you and make sure you're doing it correctly? x
  4. Samuella
    Yes Suzanne1118 it was a wee bit red after I removed the wax and then just got redder!! Stopped the treatment and applied soothing oil, it got a little bit better but didnt want to carry on, called her later that night and it was better - phew! Yes also think maybe she is just sensitive, and also probably run down as she does have a young child! MissConfused - was also thinking I will look into some wax types for sensitive skins as she really wants to continue with the treatment just obviously without the extreme reaction! Also am sure I was using correct technique and not had any problems until now but am a beginner so will just keep practising!
    Thanks for the advice, its very easy to lose your confidence when something like this happens & its good to hear from other people :) xx
  5. hellomisskitty
    Hi it could be that she has got very thick and course hair which would cause more of a reaction (in my experience) Also does your friend have dark hair?
  6. Elaine143a
    was this her first time for leg waxing?
  7. Serenity Beauty
    I have a client that is sensitive to the teatree afterwax that I use! Everyone else is fine! So we don't use that on her! Long shot but it might be the same sort of thing!
  8. Samuella
    Yes she does have dark hair and shaves normally so yes quite coarse too, it was the first time for a leg wax, she has only done eyebrow wax with me (and was always fine with this just slight redness for few hours after.)
    Had only pre cleansed the area, hadnt yet applied any after product but checked behind the leg where I had applied the pre wax product and there was no reaction to that so it was def a reaction to the wax - think I just need to find a suitable wax for her sensitive skintype (obviously with a sensitivity test beforehand tho!)
  9. jujojones
    Dont let this worry you! some people are super sensitive ! when i have my legs done it can vary dramatically how my skin reacts depending on things like my cycle or stress! (im ultra sensative) please dont let this knock your confidence!!

    she may well be allergic to the type of wax u have, i react alot with tea tree! an the reaction occurs immediately- reactions can occur at anytime not just after 24 hrs.

    try and do a smaller area of her leg in a week or so and monitor her reaction!

    Keep trying!!! its best these things occur while training on friends :)

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