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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Rachy Roo, May 16, 2007.

  1. Rachy Roo
    How long would you recommend not washing the hair for before a wedding put up? If its too freshly washed it will be fluffy and you will have whispy bits but surely if its too greasy they hair will 'seperate' as it goes up if thats the right word to use. xx
  2. becki x
    All depends on the individual Rach.

    However products would "dirty" the hair up again anyway,so if someone were to come to me it would be ok,what ever they do.

    If you are booked in somewhere ask your stylist what is her preference xx
  3. Rachy Roo
    She said 4 days unwashed? I told her my hair would be like chip fat, she said it didn't matter - so had a word with my current hairdresser and she said wash it the morning before, so really confused now!! xx
  4. becki x
    Does the person putting your hair up "know" your hair ?????
  5. Rachy Roo
    No - she only ever did a trial - that was in january - my hair has doubled in thickness since then because she told me not to cut it.
    Its going to be interesting to see how she does it.

    She knows the Brides hair so I suppose thats the main thing!

    PS She also has 4 put ups to do in an hour and 15! (im taking the ghds just incase)
  6. becki x
    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Wash it the day before and tell her you forgot :wink2:
  7. rouge
    I washed mine the day before I got married and it was fine, it stayed up all day!
  8. JDs
    I always tell my clients they are able to wash thier hair the day before (24 hrs) but not the day of. This allows some product to be in the hair and a natural dirtyness to occur. If you go too long, then you get the oilyness as was mentioned..

    just wash it Rach..LOL. You don't want your scalp to be itchy feeling the day of the wedding.
  9. hayls
    When I got married in the Dominican Republic, the lady told me to wash my hair the morning before.
    When I arrived she spritzed it with Shine spray. I had my hair high in pinned curls to stand up behind my tiara, and the plaited up the back.
    It was an amzing 'do'. My appointment was at 9am and I was out of there at 9.15am!!!!!:eek:
    When we had our wedding party back at home, I went to a hairdressers over here to 're-create' the look and I was in there almost 2 hours!!!!!!

    It was amazing!! Just wanted to share my story!

    p.s my hair would be like a chip pan if left for 4 days without washing!!!
  10. sweetcorn1
    Oh my god Hayls, that was bloody quick!!!

    I always tell my clients to wash hair the morning before or at a push the night before if they have grease prone hair.

    It takes me about an hour to do a hair up depending on the style and clients hair.

    Good idea taking your straighteners just in case rachel!! That many hair ups in such a short space of time.

    Hope it goes well for you and you don't need the ghd's!!!
  11. san_1614
    hi sorry for jumping in on this thread, but can anyone please tell me where i can find step by step instructions on hair put ups, with pictures if possible.
    any info would be good ie magazines, web sites, tuturials. desperatley need to find this information, for my college work.
    with thanks in advance
  12. sweetcorn1
    I think Patrick Cameron does some good books with step by step photos of hair ups. I'm sure you can find some on the internet and print them off.

    Think he's had about 3 or more books on hair ups so hope this helps. X
  13. JDs
    This is one that I have referred back to a few times when trying to find something "different" to do..Updos 101
  14. nora525
    I have done hair ups by washing right before. That is why we use GOOD products and they stay with no problems at all. The big secret is LOTS OF BACK COMBING. That will give the hair the body and the support it needs. Ofcourse there is always the odd one that has really sleeky hair that does not want to do what I want it to do, but that is why I do two sit ups with the bride before. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. san_1614
    Thanks a lot for your quick answers, the Patrick Cameron site is perfect. should keep me going for a while thanks.
  16. sweetcorn1
    Glad to help XxX
  17. levchenko
    :) I was trained to put hair up in the era when every other lady client had that look ,it was ok to wash on the day and a good strong setting lotion applied,we used to do comb ups for clients 3-4 days and the hair was usually ready for a wash but it made the style stay for the rest of the week andlooked like new! but of course not much of that is required now.My own choice for a wedding would be for the stylist to do a practice run on the client for a couple of weeks before the wedding to eliminate doubts,hope this helps:hug:x
  18. Lauren-weddings
    I know this thread is quite old but I just wanted to can she tell you NOT to have your hair cut if you had a consultation in January:eek:!!!!....every hairdresser knows that you have to have your hair cut (even if it's just a millimeter every 4wks) otherwise the ends of your hair will look very dry and split on your wedding day!!!!

    p.s. I recommed the same as the others, in washing your hair the day before the wedding.....if you have thick hair then then morning before, if you have fine hair that gets greasy easily then the evening before..but no conditioner!!

    sorry for butting in but I just had to say something about being told Not to cut your hair!!!! Madness!!!! :lol:
  19. deehair
    i normally tell the brides 24 hours before dont wash it that morning of wedding:)
  20. becki x
    This thread is a good few months old now hun :D x

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