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  1. jrobinson
    I thought I would share some different colouring methods and techniques in the hope you can all share some with me!!
    il add to this in a short while, I have quite a few to put in!

    Focal point
    This gives a contrasting colour effect on the top, and is good for a bob
    1. take 2 diagonal partings from the crown to the recession area, creating your triangular section.
    2. Colour the rest of the hair with mix 1.
    3. Use back to back slices, alternating with mix 1 and mix 2 horizontally along the triangle, as the diagram shows.

    Alternative T section
    This is good for long layers, or one length hair.
    1. Take a triangle from the crown to the front recession areas.
    2. sub divide the triangle from the centre of one of the side to the centre of the front hair line. this gives you two sections.
    3. work diagonally on section 1 (smaller section) with large weaves.
    4. Work on a slight diagonal on section 2 (bigger section) with large weaves, or fine weaves deending on the effect you want.

    Following the circle pattern in the diagram attched below, use 3 different colours in each section, the example is A: 5.0 6% B: 6/7 6% C: 8/7 9%
    This will give a darker to lighter appearance, for lighter to darker swop the colours.
    Tales of Folk
    Section a rectangle from below the crown to the front hairline/temples as shown in the diagram. Then seperate the rectangle into triangles using a zigzag line as shown.
    For each bold section on the edge of the triangles, use Formula E. Then use Formula D and C on alternate triangle.
    For the rest of the head section from the end of the rectangle at the crown as shown in the diagram and use formulas A and B.
    Formula A: 5/37+6/73 6%
    Formula B: 2parts 7/3 + 1part 7/7 9%
    Formula C: 7/73 6%
    Formula D: 5/73 6%
    Formula E: 15ml 12/0+1ml 0/45 9%
    For short to medium hair. Create a Star in the centre of the head and apply Formula A. Apply formula B to the rest of the hair.

    Internal Illusions
    Create a section 2inches wide from the occipital bone going upwards towards the temple on each side as shown in the diagram. Do Slices along the section only leaving a very slight piece in between each. Use blondor 9% for the slices. Once developed rinse and tone using 30ml 10/0+0/45+0/65 Pastel developer

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  2. dales nails
    i cant see the diagrams hunny, would love to see them to get a better view/ideas. thanks. x
  3. jrobinson
    im not sure why you cant see the diagrams? what is the best way for me to attch them for everyone to see?
  4. dales nails
    aww might just be me then hun:cry: thanks anyway, x
  5. dee
    thanks for the help hun , it makes a lot more sense now :hug:
  6. geekchickrys
    Try not making it a.doc so mobile users can see it luv ...please!
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  7. charlotted01
    Hi these techniques look fantasic,iam just getting back into hairdressing after 10yrs but i have done a refresher course but always looking for new stuff to try,iam going to do the internal illusions, the toner that you use for this how do you mix it and what peroxide as i said iam just getting back into hairdressing..

    Thankyou x x x x x
  8. keetagirl
    Since you use the Koleston Perfect line, I have a question: which number(s) are the violet bases.....We have just switched to this line and I am somewhat confused as to what's what. There are so many different bases that I am finding it difficult to remember. I have an older chart without the newer tints. Still waiting for the co. to send a new one. Thanks.
  9. jrobinson
    Hi sorry have just logged back into this been having problems!! the 6 is the violet in koleston. which im guessing youve prob figured out by now?!
  10. jrobinson
    hi sorry for the late reply, will be 30 10/0 and 2cm of each of the mix tones, then double the pastel developer x
  11. foxyfingers
    hi was just wonder what parting the hair is meant to fall in when using these tecniques or would i have to adjust to suit? was looking at the first diagram and looks like if i part it in the middle the hair will be a different colour on one from the other! am i just looking at this wrong? thanks for any help x
  12. cass1992
    Very greaat! I like the techniques:Grope:
  13. Loobee
    Hiya, I hope you can help me. Iv been using 12/89 +12% on my client for years and always had a lovely pale soft ash finish which she loved but recently her colour has been going a yellow colour with no ash tone at all she dosnt want bleach on her hair and dosnt understand why I can't get the same result as I used to. Should I add an ash tone to the 12/89 or tone afterwards or try a different blonde? Phew !!! :rolleyes:
  14. Bluerinse
    Try a perfecton rinse, or 10/8 with /88 :)
  15. Loobee
    Bluerinse, thankyou loads x
  16. kaye74
    hi salongeek , could you explain the tales of folk to me , im abit confused about the application of colour, i get the section pattern but not where to put the colour . thanks kind regards :smack:
  17. jessicalewis
    Would be great if people could post photos of the effects, so you could see how it looks :)

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