What curls/ thicknesses are your popular choices for Eyelash Extensions?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by lashangel, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. lashangel
    Hi there, I have trained in Marvel Lash. And, have used the 'natural' lashes and 'Silky lashes'. They all look lovely and natural, but am looking to use thicker lashes and 'curlier' lashes. It doesn't say which curl/thickness they are, but I assume a 'J' curl about 0.15mm thickness (the thinnest).

    I have looked into all the type of curls. And, read on Eyelash emporium that 'C' curls are good for natural-curled/permed lashes - is that true? Are they hard to apply on straight lashes? or do they fall off? In which case, should I go for the 'B' lash?

    Are 'D' curls worth getting?

    What are the popular curls/thicknesses/lengths do you use? Which ones do you have in your kit? And, if you could tell me brands - that would be great too!

    THANKS! Please also feel free to PM (Personal Message) me too.
  2. Laurie Lash

    I'm still fairly new to lash extensions so im still just using the J curls. I do have some C's in my kit but have not got around to trying them out yet!
    D curls are extremely curly and i think they would be difficult to get on unless your clients has quite curly lashes to start with. if the natural lash cant take it then they wont last long!
    I find the most popular ones are J 0.25 in 11mm and 13mm, all my friends love having long thick ones.
    I get all my supplies from Ah Francis which is who i trained with. Ive asked before and they dont do a B curl as there doesnt seem to be much difference between that and a C. i try and keep things as simple as poss!
    They also do the 0.07 thickness mink lashes. these are sooo fine and create the most amazing look because you can put up to 4 lashes on one natural lash natural but still create a natural look. they last longer too because they are so much lighter!
    Hope this helps and that you are enjoying doing the lashes :) x
  3. lashangel
    Thanks, Laurie, for that. J curls seem to be the way forward! :)

    Do you find the thick lashes 0.25mm easy to apply - do the clients have to have thick lashes in order for them to stay on?

  4. Laurie Lash
    If they have really fine lashes then you might find they can droop a bit but i havent had a problem so far. To start with i found the 0.20's easier to apply as they werent so thick at the base but now im used to them the 0.25's are fine. It just takes lots of practice!
    Check out the Ah francis website, they're always improving things and getting loads of new products and offers! Eyelash Extensions | Eyelash Extension | Eyelash Perming | AH Francis :)
  5. chazzybabe
    I use mainly c curls in 0.20 thickness as these seem to suit most clients i bought mine from lashbase very reasonable prices:hug:
  6. lashangel
    Thanks, Laurie and Chazzybabe for that. Chazzybabe, how do you find application of the 'C' curls. Is it ok for clients with straight lashes?
  7. chazzybabe
    it can be fiddly at first but i dont find it much different from applying a j curl, clients with straight lashes love c curls as it gives a lift to the eyelashes and really makes the eye stand out:hug:
    take a look at cabinkles gallery she has some fab lash pics!
  8. TweezerHappy
    I wouldn't use .25 for a full set. They're too heavy for a lot of natural lashes and can cause them to shed prematurely.

    I've never gone over .20. If your clients want a thicker look use shorter lashes in between longer ones.

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  9. Eyecandy2go
    Don't go and buy lots of different ones. It will cost a fortune too!! J and C are all you'll need.

    I do. Absolutely loads of lashes and unless someone has had their lashes permed (which makes them trickier) you'll only need J and C. I use thick. Most people want their lashes to last and thicker will be too heavy. I use from 9mm to 14mm, keep them all in my kit so I can properly tailor to my clients lashes. I WON'T do a job that means lashes won't last - unless I'm asked regardless and then clients must sign a disclaimer. My ladies all return to me. Can only be a good sign :)
  10. angelina221
    I use mostly B lashes. I don't use J lashes any more as i find them quite boring-lol
    I use B and C lashes and you can even mix them up in a set as they look lovely.
    B lashes suit most people and they have a nice curl at the end of the lash.
    I use 0.15 and 0.20 mixed in a set too.
    I have 7mm to 15 mm though I don't tend to use longer than 13mm.
    I use all the lengths though.
    I have some clients who have really short lashes and will use a 7,8 and 9mm in a set. Then i have clients where i use 10,11,12 and 13mm. Then i have clients who use different. Every client is different and you will get used to what works for different clients.
    0.10 is the thinnest you can get, unless you are using mink lashes.
    I get my lashes from Secret Lashes.
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  11. Munchkinmoo
    Hi there,

    I buy mine from the eyelash emporium as they are good value and fab quality!

    I have :
    B's 0.15-0.20 from 8mm-13mm great for everyone and older clients
    C's 0.15-0.25 from 7mm-15mm great for those who want that uplifting look but be careful with older people though as they can look a bit surprised! :eek: lol i find J's too boring, so don't keep them in my kit, haven't tried D's, but these are mainly used for the curliest lashes and you will find black/mixed race people tend to have amazing curly lashes! so they would suit quite well.

    Enjoy mixing b/C's as they will give a more natural look. Enjoy! :hug:
  12. TweezerHappy
    AH Francis do 0.07 lashes. So light you can apply 2-3 to one lash. Haven't used them yet though.

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  13. priory
    My Favourite are B's and C's, hoever I also have J's and D's. I mainly use lengths 8,10,12,14,15. Mainly I would use 0.15 and 0.20 thickness. I only use 0.25 on clients who naturally have really thick lashes and who want them to be even thicker. If you chose a client with naturally strong and thick lashes - applying 0.25 will not make them fall out prematurelly. I also like 0.10 thickness, but my mum is the only one on whom I apply them :)
    C's can easily be applied on straight lashes (with the right technique) however, it will probably make your life easier if you curl straight lashes first and then apply C's. They last just as good as J and B, if applied well.
    Experiment and have fun :hug:
  14. Eyecandy2go
    If you're asking this question I'm guessing you're relatively new to this. I NEVER use D curl unless it's an Afro Caribbean person. I do LOTS of lashes and use J and C. I mainly use thick lashes. I use Lash Perfect. I would NEVER recommend curling or perming lashes before you extend them. It makes them kink at a funny angle. I use 9 to 14mm and mix dependant on the look you're after and the size and shape of eye.

    My biggest piece of advice is to go easy on yourself. Don't get too caught up in using lots of sizes and curls all at once. Your first few WON'T be as good as you might hope but practice makes perfect :)
  15. priory
    I do not agree, if you curl them before, they do not kink in funny angles, unless they already weren't growing in funny angles. Well, but this is only from my experience, maybe you had a different one..
  16. angelina221
    Giving them an LVL treatment prior to extensions is good too. LVL is like a perm but instead of curling the lashes it lifts them so it's great for those client whose lashes sit on the pad!
    If they do have lashes that sit on the pad and you don't use LVL then you can use heated eyelash curlers. Obviously their lashes will drop back down when using curlers but it makes it easier to lash. :)
  17. Glamsquad
    Angelina just wanted to thank you for the secret lashes recc, I saw you mention them before and then my trainer recommended them too so have made an order. Would you also share which heated curler you think is best please? Thank you x
  18. Eyecandy2go
    Priory- depends what you're curling with? Trad curlers are no good IMO
  19. angelina221
  20. LorraineS
    I trained in Marvel lash and I find as I get more confident with performing the lashes on clients I'm not afraid to try new lengths and thickness'. The "Marvelash Extra Volume Silky Lash Assorted" are my favourite, they are J curl and .20 thickness and they vary from 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm. I find my only problem with these is that they do not come in a different curl, I would love these ones to come in a C curl as although my clients are extremely happy with these, the C curl would give them that little extra 'Va va voom' and with it coming up to the party season, my clients have been booking in time for Xmas so they have beautiful lashes for the Celebrations :) xxxx

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