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Discussion in 'Nail' started by effie, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. xxJackiexx
    5days to cover manicure and 4 different nail systems is no where near enough .
  2. effie
    That's what I thought. Thanks
  3. darpels
    Hi there,

    Just seen your thread and thought I would answer. I work for the company but believe strongly in what we provide.

    Although there is an initial 4 days of training it is actually a 6 week programme in which home study is also required prior to returning for assessment at which time should you need further tuition you can. We provide support through email, telephone and even use channels like Facebook to continue the educational process. Our educators who are all experienced nail technicians as well as fully qualified teachers also write blogs and articles to help students through. Obviously all students are also provided with detailed course manuals.

    It's simply not fair to say you can't learn in 5 days, of course you can't but in this space of time, and for a really affordable price, you can be shown how to apply each system and with practise become a very good, professional nail technician, everything in life takes time.

    I hope this helps.
  4. geeg
    Take a look at the CND complete course .... I think you will find a great difference plus hugely value added as well. All products included plus assessments .. ITEC diploma and work ready at successful completion. Longer than a few days of course. YOU decide.
  5. xxJackiexx
    CND courses are brilliant ! I have just booked my next one :) Im hooked lol
  6. Karen Minx
    Hi, can you please tell me what products are used for the Fiberglass and Silk training?
  7. sallyj
    I did book one of these courses...but they cancelled me twice by not having enough students... so I can't comment how good they are...
  8. natalie3344
    I booked this course too but they cancelled me and i couldn't attend any other dates they provided and they are refusing me a refund! Terrible customer service and i am now out of pocket as no way am i attending this course now! Booking the CND Complete course soon for 9th May! S2 have fantastic customer service and my local ambassador is so nice and helpful!! I just wish i hadn't tried for the cheaper training with Next step beauty! Funny thing is though, when you actually work out all the costs, CND complete course is actually really good value for money as you get the kits included! Wish i hadn't been so stupid!
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  9. effie
    I went with another company in the end but am also looking to do some cnd courses in the future.
  10. tinacox
    I must say reading your thread I had a completely different impression of NSB. When I did my course the trainer was EXCELLENT and thought the customer service was brilliant. The support since the course through facebook, email and telephone has been fantastic and has allowed me to confidently start my own business! I have since booked several other courses with the company including nail art and spray tan which all lived up to expectations. Sometimes I do wonder what the hype is about creative on here, but then I do understand creative own salon geek so maybe it's just a sales tool!
  11. Fake it...
    The "Hype" about Creative is there for all to see in every award that CND win!
    There are also many, many people on SG who have trained with and buy through S2 and CND who are not otherwise affiliated with the brand, I myself am one. I chose the brand fundamentally because of the results it gives and surely that should be top priority when providing a service to a paying customer. My rep' relies on the rep' of the products I use so surely it makes sense to seek out the best products, education and support that the industry has to offer?
    Keep up the good work S2 and CND so that I can keep up mine xx
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  12. Floss26

    Maybe you're right Tina, but there does seem to be an awful lot of Geeks who regularly post on here about their positive experiences of Creative products and training. Surely they don't ALL work for Creative's marketing team? ;)
  13. geeg
    The hype is well earned over 25 years of CND leading nail education in the UK and around the world. We are very very proud of that :green:

    And for everyones information, Tina is not 'maybe right' she is in fact completely wrong! Lol.

    CND do not own Salon Geek and never have even been affiliated with Salon Geek which was started by Samuel Sweet years ago before he had even heard of CND ... Just thought you'd like to know :green:
    What happens here on the site is no more than a reflection of the nail market in general and some folks need to learn to live with that !

    If you don't believe what CND training has to offer than take a course and see for yourself! :green:
  14. Envy
    I'm glad you had a good experience and are doing well

    But salon geek just as a sales tool... Seriously? I don't work for CND anymore (haven't for years...)
    But as both a science and training background I can tell you no one in the industry shapes or understands it like CND.

    They don't need to pay us to say it. When the evidence and truth (via global awards) backs up that CND ARE the market leaders and innovators.

    I can confidently say CND educators know more about what is taught and have more passion than most near anyone on the face of planet nails...

    That is why salon geek has such a strong CND flavor. We want to share what we know... And CND has the answers through research, experience and experise...
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  15. geeg
    And, just to add to this post ... We don't have to ask anyone to join salon geek just so they can hype CND courses ... Talk about using salon geek as a marketing too!! :lol: 2 posts and both to prop up this thread? Who is exactly using who here as a marketing tool? :lol:
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  16. hayleysspraytan
    Anyone whos used CND products or had CND training I am more than confident will rave about it, for the simple reason that it is of such high quality!! That is the reason it so popular on here because so many recommend it after having the training that more people, such as myself, take the advice do the training and rave about it themselves!!

    That is not to say that other training options are not good, but it cannot be brought into question the quality of CND simply because people feel the need to recommend it to others after having it ;) I cant say its the best as I havnt been trained by anyone else so I have no comparision, but I cannot think of how they could have improved the quality of training I recieved nor the aftercare I have on tap (thankyou sweetsquared Leigh!)
  17. Mobile Manicure
    That's exactly what I was thinking!
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  18. geeg
    Lol ... Not very subtle is it? ;)
  19. rachael204
    Not forgetting that Salon Geek is FREE! Such a valuable resource, fabulous advice, a great community, support, ideas etc all for nothing!

    People only speak as they find - people will recommend CND if they use the products and love them! I order my Minx from S2 and cuticle away, Scentsations etc too.

    Personally I am a Nail Harmony girl but there is no denying CND are the industry leaders - not everyone that recommends them can be getting a kick back surely?! :confused: xx

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