What does O P I stand for?

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  1. cherrypick
    Hey I Was Talking With One My Kids Who Is 7 And She Always Asks Plenty Of Questions That I Can Usually Answer But Today She Asked What Does O P I Mean And I Cant Tell Her Because I Know I Love It But What Does It Mean If Anything.:)
  2. HeatherDavis
    "The Culture of Fashion"- O.P.I., The Leader in Nail Lacquer
    Interview with Robbie Schaeffer O.P.I. Heir and Salon Concepts Director

    A highlight at L.A. Fashion Week's H.D. Buttercup Suites was the O.P.I. manicures introducing the collections by Mr. Robbie Schaeffer, Heir and Salon Concepts director of O.P.I.—all while giving personal manicures.

    What does O.P.I. stand for?

    "Other People's Ideas . . . I'm just kidding," said Schaeffer. It is "Odontorium Products, Inc." In the early 1980s, my father took over a dental supply business from my grandfather's cousin. He formulated an acrylic nail product from that background and started out supplying to nail salons on Ventura Boulevard (Los Angeles).

    O.P.I. is known for its collection of nail lacquer color collections, with punny names that leave an indelible impression. For example, the variety of suitable bridal colors, aptly named Bride's Bouquet, Chapel of Love, Catch the Garter, Here's to Us! Honeymoon Sweet, Hopelessly in Love, I do! I do! Let's See the Ring, Matched Luggage, Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs., Privacy Please, Romantic Retreat, Room Service, Rose Petals, Rosy Future, Second Honeymoon, Sweet Heart, and Sweet Memories. The collection is appropriate for brides and their attendants with a variety of shimmer, understated silvers, whites, and ivories.

    Twenty-five years later, O.P.I. reigns as the leading nail lacquer company and has expanded to moisturizers, lip color, and nail treatments. Commemorating the occasion is the 25th Silver Anniversary Collection with inviting silvers and magenta-red. According to Schaeffer, however, the most popular all time O.P.I. color is still "I'm Not Really A Waitress," a versatile frosty burgundy suitable for all skin tones.

    Other products by O.P.I., who does not test on animals, include venturing into a pet line. "Pawlish," a hyper-fast-drying nail lacquer for pets was in big demand for a recent celebrity pet party. Approximately two dozen dogs received nail color at the pet event.

    Parting words by Mr. Schaeffer: "Feel good. Get a manicure!"

    See Welcome to OPI.com for a full list of O.P.I. products, colors, and news.

    Pamela Heath
  3. nailzoo
    it means

    "Other People's Ideas" .......

    it's an industry joke :)

    What Heather says is correct
  4. Nafia
    Yes I agree to they have some really great lacqers

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