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Discussion in 'Hair' started by lancashirelass, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. lancashirelass
    I am wondering whats the best option

    To add a backwash to my bathroom sink or to get a portable backwash in my studio.

    How do the backwash work in the bathroom and how does it attach? Where would I get one from?

    The portable backwash I have seen on ebay but not sure how they work either any advice would be great.

  2. minky
    Hi, I would love to help but I have not had a portable backwash before ... but from what I have heard , they are supposed to be quite good

    (you do mean the one with a stand and a bucket type thingy ? )

    Backwash basins are also quite cheap and easy to pick up (recycled ones) as long as you don't mind the look of it in your bathroom,

    They are usually set into a cabinet or special mount .... or they can be just screwed into the wall like an ordinary sink but with a special pedestal stand underneath for extra support.
    you may have to measure the height as it may be a bit higher or lower that of an ordinary sink pedestal

    The easiest is to have a shower unit above the backwash using a cold water supply

    I am not too sure about how the plumbing would work for a hot and cold feed to mix the water into one the one hose
    but I know it can be done
    and a plumber would sort all that out for you .... just as long as you purchase the right type backwash inc all the parts for the the plumbing

    Just ask the person who is selling the backwash what sort of water feed it had eg ... a shower feed on the wall ?
    or a was it plumbed into the hot and cold water supply ? then make sure it is all complete with pipes and tap etc ,
    hope that made sense , minks
  3. lucelasticx
    I have a portable backwash and find it very useful, i changed the waste hose to a longer more flexible hose but for the money they cost (around £40) they are always useful for going to peoples houses.
    If i had the choice i would have both a fixwd one at home and a portable one for mobile.:)
  4. lancashirelass
    thanks for your responses

    I have seen the portable ones on Ebay in various colours and they are about £61.50. I would just need to get a chair aswell. I am just wondering if this would fit into my bathroom as its tiny. Sometime ago I did have my bath removed and had a stand in shower fitted which gave me more room.

    I was looking for the comfy wash but they have now been discontinued or if anyone has any ideas of anything like it.
  5. Chai

    If your bathroom is small then it may be best to put a backwash in your studio instead of bathroom not only for space but your own sanity!

    In your studio there will be a cold water pipe in the walls or near and you can buy an electric shower which will heat the water within the unit and produce hot and cold temperatures you can control.

    A better option is a water heater which at its cheapest is say £110 and does the same thing but with the shower you have to turn on the shower then turn on your tap but the water heaters act like regular boilers.

    Sorry if it sounds confusing, heres a link to a water heater which must be a 9.5 w minimum, any plumber will be able to help

    9.5KW Inline Instantaneous Water Heater - HSDOnline
  6. minky
    Hi , make sure the back rest of the chair has a tilting mechanism
    I am sure you knew that already ..... but just in case, x

    perhaps you could get a long hose for your shower head and use it over the mobile backwash in the bathroom ?

    putting a cold water feed in your studio like Chai said sounds a very good idea , but would you have a waste water outlet or a collection bucket thingy?
  7. Penners
    I've been thinking about getting one of those portable ones as well, bending over peoples baths is the worst thing about mobile hairdressing! Hopefully - one day (looking wistfully into the distance) I will have a garden studio with a backwash fitted............. keep checking ebay for sinks - one may come up in your area.:)
  8. Penners
    found this salons direct( i think)

    Double click on image to view full screen


    Lotus Portable Backwash Black without Tank

    Quick Shop Code: 50322
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    Tilting sink without tank. Fully adjustable portable backwash. Height control with tilt mechanism for extra comfort. Complete with sink plug and flexi waste pipe. Available in black only. Height: 33.5-47" (85-119cm) Sink Height: 6" (15cm) Width: 18" (45cm) Depth: 18" (45cm)

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  9. lancashirelass
    Thanks for your responses.

    I have had a plumber round today to give me a quote for the job to have a backwash fitted into my studio. There seems to be quite a bit of work involved, he is also giving me a price for having my wash basin removed in my bathroom and having a backwash fitted and a shower fitted on wall or something to that description, I am also going to get a few quotes so I can decide on price as I have no idea what the cost is going to be involved.

    I do lke the portable backwash though and that would be the other option
  10. minky
    I like the look of the deep backwash portable or ceramic , especially for longer hair extensions as you will be needing all that depth , x minks

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