What is the most popular treatment in beauty salons?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by renacik23, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. renacik23
    please help. i would like to find out the most popular treatments in beauty salon? I'm due to open my own salon but dont know what to introduce in there.Many thanks for all replyes.:)
  2. twid
    I dont have a salon, but work from home and mobile. I find my most popular treatments are, in order:- waxing, tinting, mani/pedi, nail enhancements, facials & massage. Other treatments that are few and far between are: hopi ec, hot stones, ear piercing & make up.

    I think it depends on your area a lot too, obviously high end treatments wont go down well in a less well off area.

  3. tog
    What about electrolysis? I do LOADS, and all year round too. Definitely waxing, and the last couple of years people have been having loads of regular pedicure appointments esp in the summer. And eyelash extensions go down well too. Good luck!
  4. Elaine143a
    Depends on individual salon. In mine, eyebrows are most pop treatment, (and I do loads of electrolysis) but one of my old staff recently opened a salon (located between you and me in Chigwell) and she is really busy with massage and facials, so I don't think you can generalise too much. Also, if you are particularly good at one treatment, you will obviously be busier in that one, which is why I do elect.
  5. sue@ttt
    Hi, introduce all the treatments you are qualified in and go from there, depends on your client base and time of year, Christmas coming tanning, facials, waxing, nail treatments and nail art. Offers as well can make a treatment more popular. Good luck.
  6. ADiva1
    I'd expect that waxing would be your most popular treatment.
    However, its best to go with all of the treatments you are qualifed in.
    How about finding out what is not in your area and would be useful so you can offer it?:lol:
  7. beautyathome
    mine is nail extensions, spray tan and top of the list waxing. As for the rest of the treatments very rare. Make up in summer i am busy. :)
  8. Katykitten
    My salon's most popular is waxing, closely followed by spray tanning and nail enhancements.

    Whilst your setting up I'd offer all the treatments you're qualified in and maybe conduct some market research to find out the most requested treatments by potential clients, what treatments your competitors currently offer etc

    HTHs xx
  9. Mrs.Clooney
    I think it depends on the area where you are based and how you market your business.

    I've asked this question loads of time to therapists and it varies widely. For some waxing is their bread and butter, manis/pedis & enhancements for others or it may be facials.
  10. Kim Lawless
    Probably the least popular but any salons bread and butter is waxing. xxx
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  11. ClaireWalsh
    My most popular treatment by a country mile is, bizarrely, eyelash perming.
  12. gillian w
    Waxing followed by eyelash and brow tints.
  13. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    waxing and tanning are my most requested treatments xx
  14. kerry33
    Waxing, followed by pedicures,tinting and then manicures. Offer all the treatments you are qualified in though as you will find some treatments are more popular at different times of the year.
  15. collin
    What is popular in one salon or area is not necessarily popular in another.
    You will tend to find that a salons popular services generally revolve around the owners own preference of treatments and then additional treatments are added as time goes by.

    Look at what you are qualified in and introduce those services...once the business takes off look to add to those services new treatments which you will need to qualify in.

    Take things step by step and don't try to run before you can walk.
    For new treatments..well look around your local area and try and provide a service which isn't currently available in your local area and add these.

    Additionally in the early stages of your business add treatments which have as low an initial set up cost as is possible...the more expensive treatments can be added later.

    It is important to keep the growth of your business within your own cash flow and learning curve position.
    Good luck and do keep us posted of your progress.
  16. Lynne Baker
    for me it's pedicures and facials by a long chalk!
    Strangely though manicures isn't nearly as popular as I would have thought. Perhaps it's because there are loads of horsey people here, and they might feel that it's a waste of time.

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