What nails are you sporting today?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Crystal colleen, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Dream Nails
    I'm wearing rock royalty shellac with purple glitter over the top.
    Reminds me of Cadbury dairy milk :)

    Vicki xx
  2. Ambur30
    Natural nails, "Decedence" from Shellac. I'm always the one doing something wild and crazy with my nails. So, I decided to just do a simple polish. It looks beautiful, and great for the holidays. :)
  3. Citygirl
    Natural nails... Shellac. Asphalt with wildfire layering over!! 
  4. happyfeet
    Natural nails have purple purple and zillionaire. On toes since October pink rockstar foil effect. Have just managed to foot file one of my fingers my accident! But no bother as I will be changing them next week for the two fairs I have. Which will be Shellac with Minx ring finger and Minx Moo Print Toe and blackpool Shellac..... well you got to show case your work right!!
  5. izzidoll
    Right now I have almond shaped nails with Gelish Standout and Good Gossip on top !!

    Glittery red nails to get my clients in the Christmas mood !!!

    ....."tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa "
  6. cath4512
    I have natural nails with shellac tutti frutti & zillionaire. Im changing them tomorrow for blackpool with pink foil.
  7. Megdav87
    Natural nails at the mo, so wearing OPI Cajun Prawn...love it! :)

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  8. Crystal colleen
    Lol x
  9. Unique.Tips
    Is that konad?
  10. Karen Minx
    I wearing Shellac Rockstar with Irresistible glitters atm. I'm also wearing an enhancement just on the ring fingers. Clients asks 'Why you only wearing one? lol. I reply 'Coz i can'. Cant see it catching on tbh lol x

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  11. Crystal colleen
    Nice like it.coz I can is my favourite saying love it :lol:
  12. elmo
    Gelish night reflection on natural nails with some swirly nail art

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  13. Vetty
    Mine are quite short natural nails with OPI Axxium in Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous. Love them!
  14. wendynailedit
    Im wearing Shellac blackpool layered with moonlight and roses and freehand nailart on my ring finger. Lovely colour! X
  15. JemmaB
    Lol I'm sure misha off x factor has her nails with a stiletto on her ring finger just like yours!

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  16. dandelionpoppy
    Shellac Beau, with gold glitter tips 'cos I'm in the Christmas mode x
    Great thread with some lovely ideas!
  17. Karen Minx
    Misha b wears a stiletto on her Index finger. I wore a stiletto on my ring fingers last week but had to take them of for a CND class :)
    I wish i had done another stiletto now has i miss it! Its easier to do just one nail on each hand on yourself and i can tuck it away nicely without catching it with my files. Heres last weeks nails. Not brilliant but im new to trying stilettos x

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  18. Jo's Nails
    Gelish Midnight caller.xx

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  19. NailsBeautyEtc
    Gelish Midnight Caller on les tootsies (which has been on for 3 weeks and still looking ah-ma-zing!)
    And totally natural nails, first time I've not had Gelish on since I started doing it and it looks wierd - must set aside some me time to do it and when I do I'm thinking Hot Rod Red!

  20. joingram87
    This is what im currently wearing having just done them :) Fedora and Konadsmall.jpg

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