What nails are you sporting today?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Crystal colleen, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. harpot
    My 1st Rockstar attempt, very proud of it. Shellac Tutti Fruitti & young nails glitter. ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1332611018.219923.jpg
  2. Kit_Cat
    Just did my toes! :) tropix, gold VIP with cocoa, iced cap & fedora for the leopard print xxxx

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  3. cath4512
    mine today, going to London on Monday so wanted a bit of bling.

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  4. kays_acrylicsox
    Very glam! ;)
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  5. RachelLynch
    Rockstar shellac with swarovski crystals on my big toes and leopard on my ring finger x

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  6. EmJZ
    had a bit of spring fever :)
    Brisa gel with holographic glitter on nail beds, pink glitter tips, and konad butterflies.

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  7. Emily Case
    First alternative french on myself :D
    I've always been frightened of getting the smile lines wonky on my right hand, but I used the reverse method and they look fine :eek:

    These are NSI Attraction Purely Pink Masque and Technailcolour Acrylic in 'Emerald' with Konad Leaves stamped on them :lick:

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  8. Lisa-Jane
    Shellac Rubble & Dark Lava - I did these on myself so please excuse the wonky smile lines geeks :eek:

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  9. Hands_Only
    Ok I'm back with a different set AGAIN lol.

    These are my first sculpts in 2 years. I did a purple/pink glitter fade nice n thin.

    Still thinking of adding some 3d flowers.

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  10. Pooh8bear
    Beautiful. What a lovely emerald green colour.x
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  11. Divine Locks
    I'm currently wearing l+P enhancements as I was a model for a student at a training centre on Friday. Considering it was her first attempt they're not too bad but my skin took a bit of a battering and there is lots of product underneath the free edge thats driving me insane!.

    Am fighting the urge to soak them off :)
  12. picchi
    I just want to say that you geeks are on fire!!! You are all pulling off such wonderful manis. I love looking though this thread and seeing such beautiful and diverse nails!!!

    I love where you are going with this mani. The color you chose to stamp with is perfect because it did not overpower the other delicate colors!

    These are simply stunning :Love::Love::Love:!!! The green french is beautiful and the konad on top makes it look like you have the amazon jungle on you finger tips. I love how the glitter shines though and is so bling, 10/10!

    This looks so very expensive!!! I would love to wear a chic mani like this.

    I really like your gem placement, it's new and different and your application of the base color is perfect!

    These are super cute, amazing free hand!!!
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  13. Emily Case
    Thanks, Pooh8bear and Picchi! I must say I'm rather pleased with them :hug: xxx
  14. cloughers
    Did my toes last night so felt I should match up my nails today! Gelicure Victorian Teal with rockstar ring finger to match toes. Ignore my horrid long finger-toes!

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  15. picchi
    Here is what I just did:


    Catrice "Dirty Berry" stamped with ChG "Emotion" plate: SdP A

    The colors are not contrasting enough to really work but I'm just happy I haven't lost the knack to stamping :lick:
  16. KSRR
    These are lovely. I must give these a go xxx
  17. wendynailedit
    Sheek white Gelish with multicolour mineral powders! Really pleased with the outcome!

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  18. gemied
    OPI Gelcolor - You Don't Know Jaques!

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  19. Maizy

    wow x
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  20. Evaperk

    Shellac Hot Pop Pink with silver VIP status and konad white pearl stamp.

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